The Elephant In The Room

You can talk about trades, possibilities, coaching changes, cap space, expiring contracts, tweaking, rebuilding, building and the whole bouncing ball of wax..but IMO it means nothing....

My concern? Is Paul Allen. Whatever The Blazers do next? Is going to be fueled primarily by Paul Allens desires for the franchise. And the Elephant in the room? Is does anyone know what those might be?

Some things have surprised the franchise this season. But one thing that shouldn't of been a surprise is the off-season we are rapidly heading towards. Management/Ownership has always known that The Blazers were approaching an off-season with numerous expiring contracts, and huge decisions to make concerning just about everything. And Yet? We have no GM search. And more disturbingly, seemingly no desire to attempt a GM search.

Paul Allen has been quoted as saying he's not particularly up for another rebuilding cycle. Well, I'm sorry Mr. Allen, that's pretty much where the franchise is at...I don't think we need a scorched earth rebuild, but I think this team needs pretty expansive and extensive change.

We need change that demands talented and strong leadership. Experienced leadership. And guess what? We have no formal GM.

So the Elephant in The Room? Why the failure for a long time to fill a position that every team in the N.B.A. has filled, and not with the term "Interim" attached? Especially when you should of foreseen that you were approaching a time period when massive change and decision making was going to happen?

Bottom Line? Does Paul Allen care? Does he want this team? Is he mentally and physically up to being the owner? Or are decisions like hiring or naming a GM being paused...because Paul Allens priority is simply waiting to sell? I'm really afraid, this team is being groomed to be sold....not being assembled to win. Lately managements decisions seem more focused on maintaining marketability. Concern seems focused on Home Sell Out streaks, above Home Losing Streaks...The Blazers actively launch Season Ticket renewal campaigns...meanwhile the team flounders. We get milk toast, half committed evaluations from Larry Miller. And The Blazers have reverted back to the "We Are Only Going To Tell You What We Want You To Hear" operational communication that so blackened the relationship between fans and franchise just a few years back.

Recently the ridiculousness of having Chad Buchanan as interim GM but NOT defined as a potential GM of the future got too ridiculous evidently for even Larry Miller. For the first time, the slight admission that perhaps Chad Buchanan "Could" become our official GM was made. But still? We have no search, we have no official designation. It seems evident The Blazers are willing to approach this summer status "as is" from a team management P.O.V..

That seems like an Elephant, sitting in the corner. Because, quite simply, the only reason I think you go this far without either naming Chad Buchanan as "official" GM...or searching for and hiring a REAL gm in earnest, is if you don't care. If Paul Allen doesn't care? Then everything else won't matter.

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