Rondo or Rondon't

As the Trail Blazers embark on a precarious seven game road trip, some intriging plots are developing. Will Oregon native Kevin Love abuse us again? Did Carmelo's return to the Garden ruin Linsanity? How bad will Derrick Rose torch our guards? Is OK beatable at home?

Then there are the looming questions surrounding the team. Just how hot is Nate's seat? Is Paul Allen patient or committed enough for another rebuild? Are the Blazers going to deal before the trade deadline, or hold out for maximum cap-space?

Perhaps the most interesting upcoming game is our date with the Celtics. You've heard the rumors; dissent between Celtic coach and PG. Make no mistake, the Celtics are an aging team, middling in the Eastern Conference no less; much better than Charlotte, but miserably worse than Chicago or Miami. Is it time for the Celts and team president Danny Ainge to rebuild after they cleverly stole enough talent to win a NBA championship a few years back?

Arguments abound when it comes to describing him. Everything from "head case" to "All- star facilitator" is on paper somewhere. Of course the all important question is two-fold; would he make our team better, and if so, can we reasonably trade for him.

Rajon Rondo PG

6'1 186lbs

6th year out of Kentucky

3 time All-Star

2 time All-Defensive 1st team

21st pick in 2006 NBA draft

Best triple double 18 PTS 20 AST 17 RBS

2011-12 Stats PPG 14.3 APG 10.2 RPG 5.4 SPG 1.6

Fortunately for Blazer fans, enough probable cause existed for a Title 3 court order to monitor and verify conversations surrounding possible Blazer trades. I have the feeling that one of these conversations will come to light after warrants are issued by the "Trade Rumor Police".

My gut tells me one of these conversations occurred. I need your help!

Conversation #1

Buchanan: Hey Danny, it's Chad... GM for the Blazers.

Ainge: Oh hey Chad, it's that time of the year huh?

Buchanan: Sure is, and I bet you're well aware of our point guard situation?

Ainge: Yea....Well Chad you know what it takes to re-build- young talent, expiring contracts and picks. What can you offer me?

Buchanan: Anyone not named Batum or Aldridge.

Ainge: click........

Conversation #2

Ainge: Chad, it's Danny.

Buchanan: Hey Danny, what a surprise. You must be calling about Felton?

Ainge: Exactly! (while snickering) Actually, we've decided to go in a different direction. Rondo.... I've got a lot of solid offers. Give me yours.

Buchanan: We have a couple good contracts.... Gerald, Camby, and of course Felton. Can't give up our 2012 pick because we dealt our 2013. Of course Batum is the main piece. Tough to let him go though; he'll be an All-Star Danny.

Ainge: Call me after you deal for a first rounder. We're close Chad.

Conversation #3

Buchanan: Good to be speaking with Oregon's most decorated high school athlete- Danny it's Chad, Portland's GM.

Ainge: Chad, aren't you still an acting GM? What's going on over there?

Buchanan: Hard to say, but I've got the green light to deal Danny.

Ainge: What do you have in mind?

Buchanan: How about an All-Star PF-Gerald Wallace, a point guard that needs a change of scenery, and future small forward dunk champion. I'll find a first rounder for you and our second is in play.

Ainge: For Rondo I assume? Find me a couple first rounders and we want Matthews in the deal somehow.

Buchanan: Give me a couple days to run this by Pritchard, I mean Larry Miller. Talk to you soon.

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