Most Exciting Combination of Free Agents, Draft Picks, and Current Blazers?

In lieu of all the drama being pushed around about Blazer's management I would like to bring the conversation back to basketball.

There SO many interesting scenarios that could play out this summer between the draft and free agency that I think it would be really interesting to get everyone's take on how the team could possibly look next year and why you think they would succeed or fail with certain combinations of players. So assuming that we're building around LA, Batum, and Wesley next year, build a lineup around these potential Free Agents and Draft picks of potential centers and guards, and explain why you think they will get the team back to the playoffs and/or hopefully further....

Free Agent and Draft Big Men

Javale Mcgee, Roy Hibbert, Brook Lopez, Chris Kaman, Joel Pryzbilla

Andre Drummond, Jared Sullinger, Cody/Tyler Zeller, Fab Melo, Myers Leonard


Free Agent and Draft Guards

Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Kirk Hinrich, Ramon Sessions, Andre Miller, Goran Dragic, Jeremey Linn, Mo Williams, Jose Calderon, Beno Udrih, Jonny Flynn

Austin Rivers, Jeremy Lamb, Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard, Kendall Marshall, Tony Wroten, Marquis Teague


I'll start out. I think that we can find some quality guards with our second pick, and since there are less free agent centers available I'm going to go with Drummond with the fourth pick. I know it's a big risk, but if we can resign someone like Joel then we can stay covered for relatively cheap if he doesn't turn out. Next I would take Rivers. Everyone keeps talking about how nice it would be to have a great three point shooter to pick and roll with LA. From what I've seen there he could have that potential. Again, it's the draft, so I'm picking on potential and not NBA ready. That does leave us dry at PG so I would go after a free agent there. Assuming we don't get Deron Williams then I would go after Nash. While either one of our current guards steps up (Smith, Rivers, or Flynn) Nash could tide us over with a playoff push, and be a great mentor for the other young guys. So our lineup would look like...

LA / Hickson

Drummond /Pryzbilla

Nash / Smith / Flynn

Matthews / Rivers / Willams

Batum / Babbit

Admittedly there are some areas here that we're a little short. Maybe if we could sign a Lopez to play Center instead of Pryz then Drummond plays backup for a few years until he develop his potential. I think we probably also look better backup for Batum as well. Babbit doesn't cut it if we want to make a playoff push next year. The lineup doesn't have a great deal of "bulk" so I think there might be an issue there, but I tried to be as realistic as possible so it was the best I could do. I like Hickson recently as somewhat of an enforcer anyway, and obviously Drummond could grow into that role as well.

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