WE'RE #1 !!!  (well....kinda)

So last week someone somewhere asked where they could find some info on BE's web traffic. After pointing them to the sitemeter link in the very bottom of the webpage I got to thinking: How does Blazersedge traffic compare the other SBN NBA sites?

Find out after the jump....

(I realize this is next to meaningless in the scheme of things. I just wanted to do something with stats and since the season is now next to dead....yeah this is the product of boredom.)

I went to the sitemeter link from each of the NBA blogs and slapped the data into excel. These figures were taken friday afternoon. Poking 'graph' buttons and letting excel work its magical wizardry I found this:

Average daily visits: (click the chart for a read-ably larger version)


As you can see, Blazersedge clearly leads the .... wait .... what?! What the deuce is that grey stripe thingy between us and the left? NJN? You mean Net's Daily gets more visits a day then we do? Well phooey....

Anyway some other details. If the color i used doesn't accurately represent its respective team, my apologies (except the L@kers and the thunder. no apologies for you chumps). The top 3 are clearly in a tier of their own with over 30k daily visits (Nets Daily, Blazers Edge, Celtics Blog), followed by 4 others that have over 10k daily visits (Poasting and Toasting, some L@ker site, Sactown Royalty, GSoM), and the rest follow a dwindling ranking below that.

Let's take a peek at the total visits over the past week and see if the pattern holds true. (again, click the pic for higher res)


Yup, same order. (and over a quarter million visits a week for us)

Second place to the nets? This can't stand. It's time to go look for an incredibly contrived means advanced statistic to disqualify them and steal their take our rightful place as #1 SBN NBA blog.

And so we come to average time spent per visit:


You can see that most of the high traffic or higher quality fansites have an average visit time of close to 4 minutes. (According to an anonymous league source, we would actually be leading this category if hoodieNation wasn't switching between his 20 login names all the time) However the average visit time to Net's Daily is only... 27 seconds? How is that even possible? Can you image visiting BE for only 27 seconds at a time? That's by far the lowest visit time of all sites. Well that looks like good enough reason to me to disqualify NetsDaily from standing on top of the traffic rating. And so: WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!

But really, the only other thought I have to offer is that the sites with higher traffic (disregarding quality of content and community) have shorter and easier to type names. The top 3 are all 2 words. The bottom of the list has long titles like "Straight Outta Vancouver, Rufus on Fire, Welcome to Loud City, Peninsula is Mightier, etc." So if you want to make a website and don't wish to discourage visitors, please make it easier on the fingers.

Seriously though, I'm not making a point or anything here. This was just a silly little exercise on my part (plus an opportunity to color something belonging to the L@kers and thunder in shades of Pink) and I hope you got a bit of enjoyment or knowledge out of it. Such as: there might be a whole lot more people watching than you think.

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