2012 Cap Space

I suspect a lot of us would like to know exactly where we are right now with 2012 cap space.

So I'm posting this with the assumption that I probably have some of it wrong, but I hope this is the best way to lure Storyteller into either correcting it for the benefit of us all, or just posting his own version. I'll modify this as it gets corrected in the comments section (so it will be correct for anyone wanting the information) or delete it if Storyteller does his own version.

From Storytellers website:

Our 2012 guaranteed contracts:

LaMarcus Aldridge 14,000,000

Wesley Matthews 6,505,320

Luke Babbitt 1,892,280

Elliot Williams 1,442,880

Nolan Smith 1,365,720

Kurt Thomas 1,352,181

Shawne Williams 3,135,000

Subtotal 7 players = $29,693,381

(I understand the Blazers want to buy out Shawne Williams contract, so that number may change, but the buyout price will still count against the cap.) I assume Williams will exercise his player option for next year (a 100% safe bet) and that Crawford will opt-out (a very high probability unless something very unexpected happens).

We now have to add in the salaries of 2 expected 1st round picks (which count against the team salary even before they are signed). Hopefully they are top 10 picks, so I'll guess at $4.5M for the total.

2 1st round picks = $4,500,000

Next we have to consider salary cap holds that the Blazers would not renounce. I'm assuming they would renounce all other free agents (including Claver) if needed to clear salary cap room to sign free agents this summer.

Batum $5,388,413 (2.5 x 2011-12 salary)

Freeland $850,800 (from Storytellers web page)

Subtotal 11 players = $40,432,594

Finally, 1 empty roster spot charge = $473,604

Assuming the salary cap remains at $58M (same as this year)

Total = $40,906,198 with Batum's cap hold, remaining cap space about $17.1M

The $17.1M applies to signing free agents BEFORE matching Batum's restricted free agent offer sheet. We can match his offer and go over the cap because we have Bird Rights.

However, if we have to match Batum's offer sheet (or we sign him to a new deal) before we use the $17.1M we lose cap space by the difference between Batum's actual new contract and his cap hold. So assuming Batum gets $11M the calculation becomes:

Total = $46,517,785 if Batum signs for $11M first, remaining cap space about $11.5M.

That's a significant difference (enough to sign Freeland if his cap hold is included).

Ok, Storyteller or other BE experts. What did I do wrong and or forget?

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