Trade Drawer: What Will it Be?

We are almost to the deadline finally! It has become increasingly clear to most of us here that we need to make some adjustments via trade. Whether it''s Rondo or Nash (which doesn't look likely), draft picks, or whatever else.

I want to see what trades you would make. Here are my ideas, in the acquiring picks strategy.

Blazers get: Jermaine O'Neal ('s expiring contract) and other cap fodder, and a conditional 1st round pick (top-20 protected, less favorable of Boston's or the Clipper's)

Celtics get: Marcus Camby

Why: For the Blazers it is all about building for the future. The Celtics may want one last run, and they have a giant hole in the middle. O'Neal has struggled with injury problems (right now deciding between playing in great pain or having season-ending surgery) an out of position KG plus Chris Wilcox (also with health concerns) won't do it if the Celts want to make a run.

Two options for a Jamal Crawford trade:

Minnesota was already looking for a shooting guard. Now with Rubio going down, Crawford's ability to play the point as well will also help. They would also throw in a 1st round pick (from Memphis).

Indy can use a shooting guard who can create points, especially in the clutch. Price is a decent 2nd/3rd string young point guard, but we'd mostly be in it for the draft pick.

Gerald Wallace:

We also get a 1st round pick. If I'm feeling really bold I ask for Lopez as well, or additional picks. This could also be part of a three way with Orlando in a Dwight deal.

It's a win-win for the Nets. If Wallace opts out they save a lot of cap space, and have the option of re-signing him. If he opts in, he could be the third piece (playing the role of defensive stopper too) in a big three, and they would still be saving a little cap-space.

For Portland, it would again be all about building for the future. Farmar wouldn't be a bad stopgap while we continue the PGOTF search.


There are honestly not too many trades I see that would be worth it for both teams. Here is one that could be:

The Lakers need a point guard, and if there are no better options, than it should be worth a conditional 1st rounder to pick up Felton (please no Steve Blake though).

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