The Felton Trade, Linsanity, and the PG Position 1 year from now

Hindsight is a funny thing. With the benefit of hindsight we can pinpoint with certainty the poor transactions and draft picks made by this organization. Hindsight tells us that Durant and Jordan were the right choices, that Chris Paul, Deron Williams, or even Andrew Bynum would have much better selections than Martell Webster. It tells us that the Eurostash experiment has been a flop. It tells us smaller things, like even though Camby/Przy/Oden looks great on paper, in reality it may result in Juwan Howard playing center.

Hindsight is not as valuable as foresight, but it does allow us to gauge the decisions we've made and the opinions we've held. We do this in the hopes that a lesson can be learned and that foresight can be improved as a result.

Recently the Blazers traded the rock solid Andre Miller and a first round draft pick (acquired by trading Rudy Fernandez/Petteri Koponen to DAL) for Raymond Felton. At the time I was in favor of this move. I figured that at worst it would be a small step backwards that wouldn't hurt us big picture...that it would give us a more sustainable option due to age at a position that's been an ongoing nightmare, and that having a better perimeter shooter would be beneficial.

Well, the early returns are in, and I was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

If Ray was shooting the 35% from 3 that I expected from him, which I don't think was unreasonable, things would be a lot better. But alas, his shooting has been horrendous and since Andre Miller does most everything else better it's been almost all negatives without hardly any of the projected positives.

The big picture ramifications of this trade are not as clear as the small picture ramifications are. Certainly our team would be better off this season with that late first round draft pick and Andre Miller at the helm. Then again, maybe Felton's poor play lands us in the lottery. Maybe it spurs the rebuild many have felt is necessary. Maybe it gets us to our real PG solution quicker since Dre wasn't that guy either. Maybe not.

If we could go back and hit the reset button on the 2007 draft knowing what we know now, Kevin Durant is a Blazer. That doesn't mean Oden didn't make sense at the time, just that with the benefit of hindsight it's a no brainer. Similar to this trade, I'm sure we would gladly take it back if we could but the reasoning for it at the time was not necessarily flawed either.

There are many who were opposed to the trade from the outset and I am happy to say to all of you that you were right and I was wrong...Zeus in particular. You all deserve credit for your foresight, even though none of you would have predicted that Felton would be playing some of the worst ball of his career.

Whether it's ultimately a harmful trade in the big picture of the organization remains to be seen or may never be clear...what is clear is that it's put us on a path that is different than the one we would have been on. Whether that path leads us to better places than the one we left we can only hope.

Meanwhile, over in New York, the Knicks are enjoying a win streak courtesy of the stellar play of former NBA novelty Jeremy Lin. It may not last, but man does it hurt to see a guy like that, a guy any team could've had, given the opportunity and explode.

Anyway, this wordy mea culpa about hindsight leads me to the discussion topic of the post which revolves around foresight. I want to know who people think will be the starting PG for the Portland Trailblazers

- after the trade deadline this season

- at the beginning of next season

- at the beginning of the 2012-13 season

So what say you? I guess the odds would be on Felton, Felton, and Felton...or would they? Tell me who you think as well as who you'd like to see. Be as general or specific as you want. Feel free to name trade targets and even upcoming draft picks, and let's see if Nolan Smith still gets any love. Any other comments are welcome too.

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