Why do we hate LaMarcus Aldridge?

OK, OK I came on here tonight to write up a snarky post about how annoying it is that we chant Chalupa Chalupa Chalupa with more zeal and gusto than we have ever cheered for Aldridge. I mean just think about it, Nic Batum puts together two great games in a row, his name rains down from the rafters, GW refuses to sign an extension, from all reports a pretty solid offer, and his name rains down from the rafters. It is not that I do not think the others deserve the recognition, but Aldridge just NEVER has gotten that kind of love from Blazer fans.

So with that in mind I log on here to find AN ENTIRE POST ABOUT TRADING LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE. Really?


  • IS the highest scoring Power Forward on a team with a winning record and 2nd highest amongst all Power Forwards.
  • IS one of only two players averaging 23 points and 9 rebounds or higher.
  • Has a PER of 24.05 matching Roy's high for a season.
  • IS the only Blazer that seems to show up on the road for the Blazers.
  • Has carried this team as Roy's career came to a disastrous end last season.
  • Always performed consistently either as second fiddle to Roy or as the leader of the team.
  • Has answered his critics about his lack of interior toughness.
  • Has one awesome game after another.
  • Is not injury prone.
  • Is getting better even yet.
  • Is going to be an All-Star this season and for many to come.
  • Should have been an All-Star last season.
  • Is great fun to watch play.
  • Is a potent inside and outside threat.
  • Is one of the most graceful bigs in the modern game.

And yet we can not show him any real love in the arena AND all we want to do is talk about trading him? Are you kidding me?

I know LaMarcus Aldridridge is a name that is just too hard to chant. Nevermind the fact that it really is not that hard to chant, but, there is a perfect simple alternative none-the-less..

We do that Chalupa chant with much gusto. How about we just change it from Chalupa to La Marc Us and leave it at that.

So I propose that instead of hating on the guy by trying to figure out how to get rid of him why don't we figure out how to show this GREAT player some love. A good LA MARC US chant is long over due.

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