What Do We Do About Marcus Camby Going Forward?

I wanted to touch on the Marcus Camby situation because I have yet to really see any sort of analysis on what to expect, if anything, from Marcus in the future. He seems to be tossed to the side, figuratively, in the fact that most just see him as an expiring contract, or as trade fodder, but as we fans have seen over the last couple years, he'll most likely not be moved this year, and his contract expires in the off-season.

So, the question is,

Do we let Camby walk, or do we sign him to a new contract in the off-season?

Or do we try to trade him by the trade deadline?

It seems that we probably won't get that superstar through trade that we were all hoping for by March 15th, and hence, we probably won't be trading or losing anyone this season, save possibly Greg Oden or Armon Johnson being cut to make room for Joel Przybilla.

Since Marcus won't be traded, and no new contract situation will be brought into Portland, we will be gaining an extra $10 million next year in team salary with the conclusion of Camby's contract. There is no way we sign him to another 2-year, $21 million contract, as I thought that was overpriced when we extended him, but would he come back for a much reduced contract situation, say for the vet's minimum, or is he still good enough to command a large chunk of the MLE?

Point being, something must be done with Marcus Camby. We can't allow him to just walk at the end of the year, as he is the only guy on the team that brings it defensively each and every game. He may not be worth the $10mil he once was worth, but he is surely a defensive game change, in an old-man Tyson Chandler sort of way.

So, do we let him walk, and gain extra flexibility this offseason? Do we trade him for a necessary, let alone expensive, piece that consumes part of our salary flexibility going forward? Or do we offer him a 2-year, Kurt Thomas-type contract, where we beg him to stick around for 15-20 mins a game going forward?

Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated, but please keep the conversation respectful towards others' opinions and beliefs.



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