Ranking the 2012 All Stars

Ranking The 2012 All Stars

I ranked all this years selected All Stars, based on this years Stats, efficiency numbers, and over all performances. Specifically, how they are playing right now.

24. Luol Deng-East: A solid player with solid numbers on a very good team. But I can think of a few Forwards who are more deserving. Josh Smith and Ryan Anderson have better numbers, much better efficiency ratings and also play for good teams. Both have kept their teams together through drama and injuries.

23. Roy Hibbert- East: Hibbert is the only other true Center on the east squad, and while he has improved his game a bit this year, and has good measurable and solid numbers, this selection came mostly from a lack of quality centers in the conference.

22. Joe Johnson- East: Is still a quality scorer, but lacks assists, rebounds, and is solid but nothing more on defense. His contract will always make him seem overrated, though he deserves credit for keeping the Hawks where they are at.

21. Marc Gasol-West: He got some crap for his selection, people saying the other Gasol should be the one going, but in my book, he's a solid pick. A True center who contributes in all categories. Not bad for a guy taken 48th in his draft, then being traded for his brother on the same night.

20. Andre Iguodala-East: Has the lowest Points per game average of any of the all stars, as well as an average PER. However, he is an excellent defender on the wing and a great athlete, and is one of the biggest reasons the 76ers are having the kind of season they're having. His kind of all around play would be welcome on any team.

19. Paul Pierce-East: He's having a good season, not great, but good. Of course, he's no longer the most important player on his team anymore. He was the year they won the championship, but its Rondo's team now. He's not the athlete the other All stars at the SF position are, and next to guys like Lebron and Durant, you can't help noticing the difference in skill. That being said, 10 all star appearances does put you in a certain category.

18. Chris Bosh- East: I actually think Bosh gets some flack he doesn't deserve. On the team he plays on, he's doing all he is supposed to do as far as production. He's still an elite athlete in the front court, even if his scoring has gone down a few points. He was the only PF selected to the Eastern squad. If he was in the West, then he'd probably be 5th in line.

17. Carmelo Anthony- East: It may seem harsh, but with this season, this spot is where he lands. He has the lowest efficiency rating of all the All Star starters, and almost the entire western bench, and while his scoring is still good, all his other numbers have dropped. He's having a season like Dirk, but without the championship.

16. Dirk Nowitzki- West: Speak of the Devil. When the guy says himself that he shouldn't be there, ya should listen. His seasons been... okay. His team is still playing well, and if this All Star game was 2 months from now, his numbers would look much better. He got on the roster based on last year. I'd place him here based on this year.

15. Tony Parker- West: Parkers biggest problem is that he isn't named Paul, Rose, Westbrook, Williams, or Nash. He's effective as heck, and has played most of the last two seasons with an old Tim Duncan and no Ginobli in the backcourt to help him. If the position wasn't so loaded, he'd be ranked lower. Course, I bet he doesn't care. He's got 3 rings compared to the other guys combined 0.

14. Deron Williams-East: Not having his best year on the best team, but he is still as good as he's ever been. The numbers are still there, now he should just hope the Dwight Howard comes for a permanent stay.

13. Steve Nash-West: His scoring is lower than the above two, bit his efficiency is a good bit higher, and he is the only point guard this year averaging a double-double behind an 11 assists per game average.

12. Andrew Bynum- West: Having a good scoring, and great rebounding year. The best center in the NBA right now not named Dwight Howard.

11. LaMarcus Aldridge-West: I'm a homer, but I think this is a fair ranking. And you already know all the stats. His PER was higher than any player on the Eastern bench, and his scoring has even gone up a bit from last year. Most dangerous low post scorer in the NBA. Congratulations on your first All-Star Game LaMarcus!!

10. Russel Westbrook-West: People forget that he is in the top give in scoring in the league right now, on the same team as Kevin Durant. Not easy to do. His assists could go up, and he has some flaws. He's also the best athlete at PG in the NBA right now, and that's saying something.

9. Blake Griffin-West: A 20-10 guy who is still developing, watch out. If he can improve his one on one defense, he can be the best PF in the league. As of right now, Loves more efficient, Aldridge is more dangerous, but Griffin is the most athletic. In 2-3 years, he could be one of the top 5 players in the NBA, but he has to continue to improve.

8. Kevin Love-West: A 25-15 guy, Dang. He would be a top five Player just based on numbers, efficiency, and how diverse his game is. But one on one defensively he's only an okay defender, which means you still need a Center to play alongside him who can Block shots and play good man to man defense. His blocks per game are very low, and he's a little slow of foot, not much, but enough to make a difference. Since his one on one defense has reached its ceiling, the coaches will just have to be happy with his ridiculous rebounding rate.

7. Derrick Rose-East: A little high for last year's MVP, but don't worry! He's still young. When I think of the prototypical PG, I think of Rose. He does it all well, and not only can drive to the whole and keep you off balance, he can shoot as well. Not to mention he Dunks like a super star and has helped turn Chicago into a contender. He gets assists, steals, and is very efficient. In a couple years he'll be the best PG in the NBA.

6. Dwight Howard-East: He doesn't have the best PER, and is still a bit of a clumsy scorer around the rim. But he is the best inside presence in the NBA, period. He takes away the other teams inside game by just being there. He makes everyone alter their shots, and can dominate the boards with his height, strength, and leaping ability. He changes any game he plays in.

5. Kobe Bryant-West: That he is listed this low at his age by a Blazer fan should say something. Leads the league once again in scoring, still a good defender, and is one of the most efficient players in the league. That he has more rings than anyone playing helps, as does playing for the Lakers, but look at his performance numbers this year and you can't argue he's deserving of the spot.

4. Chris Paul-West: What he brings to a team is ridiculous. He does everything you could want from a point guard, even on a new team, with new players, is as efficient and diverse as always. All he needs to set him above the rest is some playoff prestige, and this may be his year to gain that.

3. Dwyane Wade- East: With Respect to Kobe ( ...Nah, nevermind the respect) Wade's the best back court player in the world.

2. Kevin Durant- West: Behind the next guy, he's the most efficient player in the league. One of its top shooters, and has nothing but the future in front of him. His length and shooting ability make him literally impossible to stop. He shoots, and you hope he misses.

1. Lebron James- East: I don't like him, you don't like him and he's the best player in basketball. The only player with a PER above 30, and is versatile enough on defense to guard practically every position, while being able to bring the ball up the court on offense. If he ever improves his shooting the way MJ did, people could end up really hating him.

Feel free to share your personal lists, or argue mine. Put Lamarcus at #1, ya know I wanted to.

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