The Blazers have the pieces and expiring contracts

Look at all of the expiring contracts and try to tell me that there won't be significant change coming very soon. 9 Players have expiring contracts with the exception of Wallace and Crawford who have player exceptions, but's it's obvious they will want to back out of that to get a healthier contract.

The Blazers will have a payroll at $26 million after the season and they will have plenty to spend. I'm guessing that if Batum, Wallace and Crawford are still with the team baring a trade doesn't happen or at least it doesn't include them, they will be signed. Which would probably bring it up to about $50 million payroll with 9 players signed. (Those 9 players being LA, Wallace, Wesley, Crawford, Batum, Babbitt, Williams, Thomas and Smith)

I will also guess that the front office picks up Craig Smith for about $2 million. So that puts it at $52 million, 10 players. Players who I think will definitely be gone are the Johnson's (Chris and Armon). This leaves 5 roster spots available and I would say that the Blazers will not resign Oden, Camby or Felton. Oden for obvious reasons and Felton isn't showing us anything worthy of keeping. The hardest one to let go is Camby, but he is aging. I have a feeling he will be used in a trade.

So 5 roster spots remain, with cash to spend. What will happen?

10 players on the team: (Baring them not being used in trades)---------------------5 players gone:

LaMarcus Aldridge------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marcus Camby

Gerald Wallace-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Raymond Felton

Jamal Crawford----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Greg Oden

Wesley Matthews--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Armon Johnson

Nicolas Batum-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chris Johnson

Kurt Thomas

Craig Smith

Luke Babbitt

Elliot Williams

Nolan Smith

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