Trade Drawer: Rebuild or No?

EngineerScotty did a nice post on rebuilding. I thought, why not do a trade drawer and get some ideas for all of the different scenarios laid out (with the addition of another category)?

One Last Push

Blazers get Nash, Gortat, and Childress

Suns get Camby, Felton, Batum

If the Suns were to trade Nash, this would be a pretty good deal for them (Gortat is upper-twenties already, so it's not like he is a young prospect). This could give us a legit shot at getting to the Finals.

It kills our financial flexibility and surrenders Batum, our most promising asset though. If we were to pursue Nash I'd rather only take salaries on and give up lesser assets, like Smith and the Johnsons. Even with this trade we probably start out as underdogs in a series against the Thunder or Clippers, and that is before we talk about the Heat or Bulls.


These trades don't necessarily fit in to the Last Push or Rebuild categories, but rather change the supporting cast in the hopes that it would be a better fit.

(This one can't be done on Trade Machine due to the rule that doesn't allow new free agent signings to be traded until March 1st).

Rockets get: Gasol, Crawford, Johnson
Lakers get: Scola, Wallace, Felton, Thabeet
Blazers get: Martin, Blake, Dragic, Budinger

Lakers get much needed upgrades at point guard and small forward, while getting a smaller downgrade at power forward.

Rockets get their man in Gasol for a slightly different package than before (Thabeet, included purely for salary, and Budinger, rather than NY’s 2012 first round pick) and the bonus of picking up Crawford as a sixth-man.

I don't think we come out on top as far as overall talent, but at least we add more shooting to spread the floor. Also, Martin gives us a guard who can create his own shot and take some pressure off of Aldridge. Dragic has his moments and should be at least a decent stop-gap. Budinger would be a nice backup for Batum, who would be re-signed.

I also would love to see if we could work out a similar deal landing Gasol in Golden State and Curry in Portland. GS is always looking for a difference-making big man, and maybe they'll go against CW and deal Curry and keep Ellis. Some advocate for an Ellis trade, but I am not too interested in acquiring him.

Other trades that could fit in here could include a trade for big man depth, like Jason Thompson or Robin Lopez, or any other smaller scale trades. Maybe even trades like some have proposed to bring Rondo or Jennings here.

Semi-Rebuild (Somewhere between mini-rebuild and medium-rebuild)

Here's a sequence of trades I would like to see that could keep us competitive for a playoff berth this year, while building for the future.

Blazers get: Lopez, Farmar, Petro, Shawne Williams, unprotected 1st round pick

Nets get: Wallace, Johnson and Johnson, 2nd round pick

I am getting greedy here and might accept it without Lopez, but I under the right circumstances, I might ask for him to be included.

The Nets would clear the decks to build around Howard and Williams, with Wallace as the third best player and defensive stopper, Morrow spreading the floor, and Brooks off the bench. They would have to feel good about their chances of getting Howard, but if they do than they won't be able to re-sign Lopez anyway (sign-and-trades are also difficult under the new CBA).

The draft pick would likely be top-10, but I am not sure they will want to take a chance on an unproven rookie playing a major supporting role.

Portland gets: Hickson

Sacramento gets: Felton

Sacramento needs a pass-first point guard. With Evans, Thornton, Fredette, Cousins and company present Felton's low shooting-percentage won't matter even if it stays like that since he won't be shooting much anyway.

Portland gets: Jackson, 1st round pick

Milwaukee gets: Camby

The Bucks get the troublesome Jackson off their hands and a very capable center to finish the year while Bogut is out.

We get a mid first round pick. We can see if Jackson can find a niche here. If so good, if not his contract ends after next year so we could probably buy him out.

I also consider offers for a Crawford rental if it involves a pick coming our way (Indy could be a good possibility) although that would be a little heartless after he took less to play here.

This would leave our roster looking like this:

C Lopez//Thomas/Petro

PF Aldridge/Hickson/Smith

SF Batum/S. Williams/Babbitt

SG Matthews/Jackson/E. Williams

PG Farmar/Crawford/N.Smith

Our starting lineup would probably be slightly worse, but our depth would be better. We would also have 3-4 first round picks next year, though we would probably need to try and parlay one of those in to a young point guard, as there are not many in the draft (not to mention three or more rookies would have trouble getting playing time).

I am not going to put trades out here for the major rebuild (trading Aldridge). If you want to, feel free.

I want to see thoughts on these trades, and other trade proposals...

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