Is it time to blow it up? w/ poll.

This, of course, has been the question on my mind lately. I had high hopes for this season when it began. New group of players. Relief for LMA in the form of the Rhino. An early hot streak and a road win in OKC.

Now, I feel like the walls are beginning to fall down around this franchise. Some of the less optimistic members on these boards have been saying it since it became apparent that Roy was no longer the same player. So, I am asking you now, if you think it is time to blow this team up.

Is it time for even the perennial optimists to admit that if the team continues on its current path, it will be doomed to the NBA no-man's land? Never good enough to do anything that matters, never bad enough to pick up decent lottery picks? See, this is where I am at now. The pessimists, the realists. They were right. I have arrived.

The situation at the center position is bad. If he ever comes back, can Oden even become a shadow of his former promising self? That's a big if, mind you.

The situation at the guard position is in complete shambles. For me, it never really struck me just how spoiled we were with Brandon until I had to bite my nails and watch Crawford and Felton bring the ball up the court in the fourth quarter. It is downright depressing.

LMA is most likely as valuable now as he will ever be in his career. Many teams will likely be willing to deal away lottery picks for he chance to take the NBA's best low-post scorer for a ride. The fact that he is now an All-Star whose deal is not even a max contract, in theory, means that he is even more valuable than a typical max contract player is, at least in terms of trade value.

We also have a number of ECs coming up this season. Possibly, we could sign big a free agent, like Dwight Howard or Deron Williams. But when has a marquee free agent ever wanted to come to Portland? Possible yes. Likely, no.

So I ask you. Is it time to blow it up? If we do blow it up, just how much do we deal? Do we get rid of LMA, our only truly valuable asset at this point, for a number of unprotected picks? Do we make one last push in free agency this year, to see if we can get over the hump? Or do we ride it out and make the best of it? If so, doesn't that doom us to mediocrity?

I consider myself an optimist when it comes to my Blazers. But I think I am ready now. Losing close game after close game just sucks the life out of me and makes me not want to care. It makes me so apathetic for a team I love that it makes me angry about how apathetic it makes me! Things have to get worse before they get better. I am ready to let go. Ready for a baptism. Ready to wash it all away. The injuries. The draft blunders. The mystifying free agent signings. In my opinion, we need to go under and we need to do it now. How do you feel about it?

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