Paul Allen To Consider Starting Bickerstaff Over McMillan

Portland -- After a series of late game meltdowns, including an unexplained failure to get the ball to a red hot LaMarcus Aldridge with the game on the line again in Dallas, owner Paul Allen is reportedly considering benching Head Coach Nate McMillan in favor of highly touted Bernie Bickerstaff.

A numbered clone within the Vulcan organization had this to say: "The same question came up last season. Then, Paul was leaning toward using Andre Miller ahead of Nate. ...Well, anyway, this season that Dre idea had us take our first look at Raymond Felton's leadership credentials. But, no. Just no."

The Blazers' offense often stagnates, drifting through long series of lost possessions. And the childish way the team defends the pick and roll, the fumbling on the fast break, doesn't that suggest the need for a more creative thinker at the helm?

"Whoa! This is Paul's team. And we at here Vulcan are Paul's braintrust. Mr. Allen has assembled the pieces for a deep playoff run. If you think we're going to show our hand now, you're crazy. We're keeping the good stuff under wraps for the postseason! I mean, duh?!"

Besides the excruciating late game meltdowns, this Blazer team is also known for painfully slow starts. At that notion, the clone waved a two-fingered hand in denial. "Paul Allen feels responsible for the product on the floor, but those first half deficits are not the problem! To challenge the talent we have, to show what this team has really got, of course we spot the other teams ten or fifteen points."

Not considering a change there?

"Not to our way of thinking, no. Another benefit: it let's us showcase Aldridge. I mean, how good do you have to be to drag a team back into the game like that night after 40 minute night."

A this point, the playoffs are not guaranteed. Doesn't the team needs wins, now?

"We want to win, sure. But we want to win our way, at the end of the game."

Okay, Nate's finally talking about switching up his starting line-up. How likely is that to save his position in the organization?

"If Nate starts Crawford at the point and Batum at shooting guard and the team starts getting out on a lot of early leads, I'm telling you, Paul and Vulcan will be moving on without him."

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