Blazer Players Ranks Amongst NBAs Top 40

A Quick Look At Player Stats


Top 40 players looked at. This wont be adjusted for any teams that played tonight(12/4) so by the time I post this, some of these stats will have changed. Its just for reference, something to give you an idea of where our players ranked amongst the top 40 players in each category through our first 18 games. I used ESPNs stat page. Other teams players listed for comparison. Notes are just some things that came to mind. Check it out. There are some surprises and some familiar names on this list, some ex-Blazers. We rank pretty well in some categories, and not surprisingly, poorly in others. If yall like it enough, I will do another at the half way point of the season. Thanks for checking it out and lets talk about it below.


NBA Leaders Top 40 Players


{Key: (t) = Tied * = other teams player}


Points Per Game:

*1. Kobe Bryant - 27.3pts

6. Lamarcus Aldridge - 20.8pts

*7. Russell Westbrook - 20.7pts

11. Damian Lillard - 19.1pts

24(t). Nic Batum - 17.6pts - tied with Jamal Crawford

Notes: LMA 6th in the league PPG, im super stoked! Dames is the 11th highest scorer in the league right now! Plus,

Dames is #2 scoring PG in the NBA behind only Westbrook.


3pts Made:

*1. Ryan Anderson - 52

3(t). Nic Batum - 47 - tied with Randy Foye

5. Damian Lillard - 44

9(t). Wes Matthews - 39 - tied with Vince Carter

Notes: For PGs, only Randy Foye has more 3s than Damian Lillard, Foye has 47 (tied with Batum). Portland is the

only team with 3 players in the top ten for 3s made!


3pts Attempted:

1. Nico Batum - 125

4. Damian Lillard - 113

8. Wes Matthews - 101

Notes: Again Portland is the only team with 3 players in the top ten in this category.


2pts Made:

1. Lamarcus Aldridge - 145

*2. Al Jefferson - 135

Notes: LMA is our only player in the top 40 in this category. I put Al Jeff up for comparison.


2pt Attempted:

1. Lamarcus Aldridge - 310

*2. Al Jefferson - 283

Notes: LMA is our only player in the top 40 in this category.


Free Throws Made:

*1. Kevin Durant - 137

*2. Kobe Bryant - 122

16. Damian Lillard - 65

17(t). Lamarcus Aldridge - 64 - tied with Paul Milsap

28(t). Nicolas Batum - 56 - tied with OJ Mayo, David West


Free Throws Attempted:

*1. Dwight Howard - 187

15(t). Lamarcus Aldridge - 83 - tied with Kevin Martin , Carl Landry

20(t). Damian Lillard - 78 - tied with Marc Gasol

34(t). Nicolas Batum - 68 - tied with Monta Ellis

34(t). Wes Matthews - 68 - tied with Monta Ellis


Minutes Per Game:

*1. Luol Deng - 40.7mpg!

2. Nic Batum - 39.3

6. Lamarcus Aldridge - 38.6mpg

9. Wes Mathews - 37.7mpg

10(t). Damian Lillard - 37.6 - tied with Joe Johnson

Notes: This is an absurd amount of minutes. Portland is the only team in the league with 4 players in the top ten in

minutes. I wonder if anybody can find out when is the last time this happened? I

wonder how long they can continue this output.


Total Rebounds:

*1. Anderson Varejao - 262

*2. Al Jefferson - 199

10. JJ Hickson - 164

27. Lamarcus Aldridge - 134

Rebounds Per Game:

*1. Anderson Varejao - 15.4

*2. Kevin Love - 15.3(note: 6 games played total)

12. JJ Hickson - 9.6

32(t). Lamarcus Aldridge - 7.9 - tied with Ryan Anderson and Chris Bosh

Notes: Varejao is killing it. JJ is slowly declining. When I checked stats a couple weeks ago he was like top 5. This

is a glaring issue for us. We need to crash the boards way harder.



*1. Rajon Rondo - 12.9

*2. Chris Paul - 9.3

19. Damian Lillard - 6.3

Asisst to turnover:

*1. Jason Kidd - 5.13!

*2. Chris Paul - 4.05

*3. Rajon Rondo - 4.02


Steals per game:

*1. Chris Paul - 2.59

14(t). Wes Matthews - 1.89 - tied with Ty Lawson, Goran Dragic, Gerald Wallace

16. Nicolas Batum - 1.72

40. Damian Lillard - 1.33

Steals Total:

1. Chris Paul - 44

5(t) Wes Matthews - 34 - tied with Ty Lawson, Goran Dragic, Kemba Walker

11. Nicolas Batum - 31

29(t). Damian Lillard - 24 - tied with Eric Bledsoe and Jrue Holiday

Notes: Wes tied for 5th in steals total, not to shabby.


Blocks Per Game:

*1. Serge Ibaka - 3.28

*2. Roy Hibbert - 3.12

29(t). Lamarcus Aldridge - 1.24 - tied with Pau Gasol and David West

Blocks Total:

*1. Serge Ibaka - 59

*2. Roy Hibbert - 53

26(t). Lamarcus Aldridge - 21 - tied with Chris Bosh, Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol and David West

31(t). Nicolas Batum - 20 - tied with Taj Gibson, Omer Asik, Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen

39(t). Meyers Leonard - 18 - tied with Ian Mahinmi

Notes: Surprise! Meyers is in the top 40!


Double Doubles:

*1(t). Zach Randolph - 13 - tied with Anderson Varejao!

11(t). JJ Hickson - 8 - tied with Greg Monroe and Russel Westbrook.

27(t). Lamrcus Aldridge - 5 - tied with Chris Bosh, David West, Josh Smith, Paul Milsap, Tyson Chandler, Roy

Hibbert, Tristan Thompson

Notes: I wish LMA would get on a good rebounding streak. It would be nice to see him higher in the top 40.



Personal Fouls per game-

*1. Larry Sanders - 4.0

*2(t). Amir Johnson - 3.7 - tied with Dwight Howard and Roy Hibbert

14(t). Lamarcus Aldridge - tied with Blake Griffin and Kevin Seraphin.

Personal Fouls Total:

*1. Amir Johnson - 67

*2(t). Larry Sanders - 64 - tied with Paul Milsap

13(t). Lamarcus Aldridge - 54 - tied with Blake Griffin

25(t). Wes Matthews - 49 - tied with Marc Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Carl Landry, Greg Monroe

That All Folks!


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