Trade ideas

Lets be honest Portland's defense is terrible. Meyers Leonard was abused by Jermaine Oneal and Marchin Gortat earlier this season. The nuggets had a easy time scoring in the paint last night against Joel Freeland, Babbitt, Leonard, or anyone else down in the paint got owned. I think it is time to part ways with Nolan Smith, and if we can elliot williams, and one of our unproven players like Clavier or Freeland for a big man to mentor leonard and play a joel pryzbilla role.

A couple ideas i had for players was

Samuel Dalempert- expiring contract and not getting much time on Milwaukee's crowded depth chart.

Drew Gooden- Same story as Dalempert but has this year and 2 more years on his deal to the tune of 26 million but is very easy to get right now

Kwame Brown- Any story with Brown is the same, never lived up to his draft status. But he is a solid rebounder and a decent scorer in limited minutes. Philly may or may not choice to move his based on what happens with Andrew Bynum, but he was available early in the season.

Timofey Mozgov- The nuggets may be wary of an in division trade but the big man has been solid in limited minutes. The nuggets may trade him if they feel that could get them farther from the luxury tax line and if Javele McGee keeps earning George Karl's trust.

Ryan Hollins- Not a big part of whats going on in LA, Portland has second round draft picks to throw in to sweeten the deal but LA does thrive with on their teams depth.

Brandon Wright- Same as Hollins but he does have a defined role in Dallas though it will diminish once Dirk comes back from his injury.

Louis Amundson- A high energy guy that had his best year in PHX when they played Portland in the playoffs. He has bounced around a little and fallen down the depth chart in IND but with David West having an injury history makes them more unlikely to trade him and it would either take help from the wing or a big breakout by Miles Plumee to make him readily available

Other options that could be easily obtained but would cut into next years would be Tyrus Thomas-big contract for alot of immaturity on the court, Joel Anthony- Basically just a defensive player in limited minutes, did play a big partin miami defense 2 years ago, Zaza Pachulia- Long term player in ATL that is productive in whatever minutes he gets, not to likely to be traded.

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