If the Blazers were a ship.

In 2005/2006 we were The Noah's Ark. A ship full of beasts, trying to survive.



In 2006/2007 we were The Mayflower. Small party of religiously commited Trail Blazers

heading to a New World.



In 2007/2008 we were The Arizona. We may argue we became that big proud Battleship

that got sunk before the war had even started.



In 2008/2009 we were The Victoria. We got a chance at circumnavigating the NBA World.

First in a long time.



In 2009/2010 we were The USS Hornet CV-8. We started with some injuries, looked really

good mid way through the season, got some big wins, but got hit again and again. For

a moment it looked like we could survive, but at the bridge everybody knew we were




In 2010/2011 we were The USS Indianapolis (CA-35), the Portland-class cruiser that

got Greg Oden on board, that player whose nickname could have been Little Boy, not just

because the irony involved, but also because it´s something inappropiate (at least in

Japan), which seemed to be a pattern of his (yeah, he was young, whatever). That season

it was revealed we had too many fractures under the water line. We would never see the

bomb hitting the enemy. We watched ourselves sorrounded by media sharks smelling our

blood instead.



In 2011/2012 we were The Bounty. Don´t need to elaborate too much here, but if I had to,

I´d say Captain Nate, a man who takes his sense of discipline and command too far, had

got rid of all Liutenant Aldridge´s pals (Sergio, Rudy, Miller, ...) and, once things got

difficult again, Liutenant Aldridge lets say didn´t speak loud enough to make himself heard

enough in defense of his captain.


(From your left to right, Nate, Camby, Crawford and Wallace)


Now is your time to say whether you agree or disagree with any of those and, moreover,

explain which ship you think the Blazers will be in 2012/2013.

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