Let's trim the Blazer roster to 15:

Here's the official Blazer roster (via as of now. No idea whey they list it in this order...:

2012-13 Roster
Num Player Pos Ht Wt DOB Prior to NBA/Country Yrs
12 LaMarcus Aldridge F 6-11 240 07/19/1985 Texas/USA 6
8 Luke Babbitt F 6-9 225 06/20/1989 Nevada-Reno/USA 2
5 Will Barton G 6-5 170 01/06/1991 Memphis/USA R
88 Nicolas Batum F-G 6-8 200 12/14/1988 Le Mans/France 4
18 Victor Claver F 6-9 224 08/30/1988 Valencia, Spain R
19 Joel Freeland F 6-10 225 02/07/1987 Farnborough College (England)/England R
34 Demonte Harper G 06/21/1989 Morehead State/USA R
21 J.J. Hickson F 6-9 242 09/04/1988 North Carolina State/USA 4
10 Justin Holiday G-F 6-6 185 04/05/1989 Washington/USA R
1 Jared Jeffries F 6-11 240 11/25/1981 Indiana/USA 10
7 Coby Karl G 6-5 215 06/08/1983 Boise State/USA 2
52 Dallas Lauderdale F 09/11/1988 Ohio State/USA R
11 Meyers Leonard C 7-1 245 02/27/1992 Illinois/ R
0 Damian Lillard G 6-3 195 07/15/1990 Weber State/USA R
2 Wesley Matthews G 6-5 220 10/14/1986 Marquette/USA 3
6 Adam Morrison F 6-8 205 07/19/1984 Gonzaga/USA 3
3 Aleksandar Pavlovic G-F 6-7 235 11/15/1983 KK Buducnost/Montenegro 9
24 Ronnie Price G 6-2 190 06/21/1983 Utah Valley University/USA 7
83 Craig Smith F 6-7 265 11/10/1983 Boston College/USA 5
4 Nolan Smith G 6-2 185 07/25/1988 Duke/USA 1
9 Elliot Williams G 6-5 180 06/20/1989 Memphis/USA 2

Ok. We can do this. We've seen enough, right? Too much of some, perhaps. As you can see, when the roster is trimmed to 15, there is little room for sentimentality. Here are my 2012/2013 Trailblazers:

PG - Lillard

SG - Matthews

3 - Batum

4 - Aldridge

C - Jeffries

backPG - Price

backSG - Barton

back3 - Claver

back4 - Hickson

backC - Leonard

11 - Freeland

12 - Pavlovic

13 - N Smith

14 - Babbitt

15 - E Williams

CUT: Harper, Holiday, Karl, Lauderdale, Morrison, C Smith,

Batum will see minutes at the 2 as Claver will generally be the first wing off the bench. Pavlovic is there for a different look at the 3, as well. A second team of Price, Barton, Claver, Freeland, and Leonard would be able to pressure the ball a bit, but Hickson and/or Pavlovic give them more offensive 'firepower' [sic]. Nolan and Babbitt will see significant Idaho Stampede time and E Williams will have his contract retained, unless the Blazers are ready to give up on such an intriguing project. Are they? Conventional wisdom says no.

Smith, Babbitt, and E Williams are first round picks, so I'm not sure the Blazers can 'cut' them outright. Buyout? Trade for rubbish picks? Are they worth chucking onto someone else's scrap heap? I think not. Keeping AMMO or Karl would make a few fans happy, I'm sure. Finding a way to cut Nolan would be a popular move right now, I bet, as his stock has plummeted from summer league to near Felton-esque depths. I havn't seen enough to Coby to say. Perhaps the fact that I HAVE seen plenty of Nolan is working in Coby's favor?

Who would you make room for here? Make your case:

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