Trade Drawer 1/30

As we start to get past the early part of the season, a few things are becoming clear. On our end, our guards have been terrible. We need to mix it up. Down in LA, the Lakers are having big problems, too. Just a few days ago, they weren't even a playoff seed. They need to do something big to get back on top.

Bear with me for a minute while I blow everyone's mind.

We send Camby, Wallace, Felton and Matthews to the Lakers.

The Lakers send Kobe, Steve Blake, and Metta World Peace back to us.

I know people are going to have issues with this idea, so let me try to address those one by one.


Yes, he has a no-trade clause. However, he is fed up with the Lakers, and he hates his new coach. He an Pau have also been feuding again. Kobe has gone on the record on more than one occasion about how much respect he has for coach Nate, one of the best coaches in the business. He loved working with Nate on the National Team. I don't have to tell you how much he'll help us, of course. And now that he's homeless in LA (he lost all of his houses to his wife), he doesn't have anything keeping him there.

Steve Blake:

Blake has been struggling in LA, but he was always a great player in Portland. He thrives under Nate, and he and Kobe now have proven court chemistry.


It's true that Metta hasn't been his best this year, but he seems like another guy that could use a change of scenery. He's changed a lot in the last few years, to the point that I'm comfortable calling him a good character guy and a good locker room fit. He would also be a good, hard nosed role model for Batum.


Without Odom, the Lakers are a likely Bynum injury from being in big trouble. Camby gives them a big boost if that happens. He's also an expiring contract in a league that just got tougher salary rules.


Crash more than replaces MWP, and the Lakers have been struggling finding a starting caliber SF. Crash has also always been a Laker killer, so they will be happy to have him there to keep that from happening again.


The Lakers have also been struggling at the PG position, and Felton can really help. If he plays like he did in NY (and I can't see why he wouldn't), he's a huge upgrade over Fisher.


Wes hasn't been off to a great start, but everyone knows he's one of the up and coming SGs in the league. Of course, he won't completely replace Kobe, but he'll hit shots when they need it, and they'll love his top notch defense.

I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts. I think this could be just the move we've been looking for.

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