Obviously we're far enough into the season to all agree to just blow the team up (common' already!). Here's a breakdown of the team thus far:

Gerald Wallace puts up monster games and then disappears. TRADE HIM!

Jamal Crawford shoots first and is only 90% of the player he was 2 years ago (when he was the 6th man of the year). TRADE HIM!

Nic Batum (who is leaving the team since a deal hasn't already been completed) is not the skinny French LeBron we were all promised. TRADE HIM!

We overpaid for Wesley Matthews (he's making $6 million. Can you believe that?). TRADE HIM!

Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas, though considered crafty veterans, are old (hence the term veteran). TRADE THEM!

LaMarcus is soft. That's right-- Soft. TRADE HIM!

Chris Johnson is a beanpole. TRADE HIM!

Luke Babbitt and Armon Johnson went to UNR (that's in Nevada). TRADE THEM! (btw, Nolan Smith went to Duke.... DUKE! That school barely even has a basketball program. TRADE HIM while you're at it)

Though he can jump out of the building, apparently Elliot Williams often (not all the time) smells bad. TRADE HIM!

Greg Oden only dominates when he plays in games, which isn't that often. TRADE HIM!

Raymond Felton, well, don't get me started on Raymond Felton. That out-of-shape, cupcake-loving mother (shut yo' mouth!) is literally fast-breaking this team into the ground. Where is the young Steve Nash All Star MVP Raymond Felton of the Nuggets and Knicks, who was assisting more and hitting the 3 at a much higher clip? I mean, he's had, like, a full month to gain complete familiarity with the team and Sarge. TRADE HIM?! Heck, let's chase him out of Portland, nay, the United States, FOREVER.

I bet you're wondering where Craig Smith is in all of this. Well, I'll tell you. As a previous Ben or Dave post made mention, the Rhino is actually exceeding expectations (and boy!, did we have huge expectations for Craig coming into the season [it's hard to exceed zero expectations]). Sure, he's undersized, overpaid, has zero offense, can't rebound, and barely passes for an inside presence on the team, however, he's exceeding expectations. You, my friend, are not the weakest link (yup, I just dropped in that reference).

But the guy who will likely make the biggest difference in the league for the Blazers will be-- you guessed it-- DIEBLER. Jon Diebler. Or J(ay) Die as he's known to his friends. Basically, HE NEVER MISSES...

Okay, he did miss that second shot. And his 16th shot. Plus, his 49th shot, but that one was in-and-out.

In Conclusion...


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