Do YOU know much about these players?

Every now and then I'll wander over to another team's SB Nation blog to read their game preview. Last week I was over on Peachtree Hoops reading about the Atlanta Hawks. They mentioned Willie Green as a solid pickup for them in the offseason. As a fan of the NBA in general, I was surprised to hear of a player being referred to as a "solid free agent pickup" when I knew next to nothing about him. Off to I went to do a little research! What I found prompted me to spend some time compiling the list you see below. Here's how it works.

I reviewed the rosters of every single team in the NBA. If I didn't recognize a name or knew little about him, I documented his team, salary and years of experience. The results were very interesting. There are dozens and dozens of players (not just rookies & sophmores) who I'm unfamiliar with. Discuss the guys below. Should I know more about these players or do you agree that they've been bad enough over the last few years to warrant completely overlooking them?

Note: To make the list as relevant (and short) as possible I purposely left out rookies & sophmores. I forgive myself for not knowing who some of those guys are. I only included players with two years of experience or more. Also note that blank cells for certain teams (like the Celtics) simply means they don't have anyone on their roster who I don't know with two or more seasons of NBA experience.


Team Player 2011-2012 Salary Years
Hawks Jannero Pargo $854,389 7
Bobcats Matt Carroll $3,900,000 8
Gerald Henderson $2,250,600 2
Byron Mullens $1,288,200 2
Bulls Mike James N/A 9
John Lucas $915,852 3
Cavaliers Alonzo Gee $854,389 2
Mavericks Ian Mahinmi $915,852 3
Sean Williams $885,120 3
Brandan Wright $915,852 3
Nuggets DeMarre Carroll $854,389 2
Kosta Koufos $2,203,792 3
Pistons Austin Daye $1,929,600 2
Damien Wilkins $854,389 7
Warriors Dominic McGuire $854,389 4
Pacers A.J. Price $854,389 2
Clippers Solomon Jones $792,377 5
Grizzlies Josh Davis $854,389 3
Hamed Haddadi $1,300,000 3
Sam Young $947,800 2
Nets Sundiata Gaines $854,389 2
Johan Petro $3,250,000 6
Shawne Williams $3,000,000 4
Shelden Williams $854,389 5
Hornets Trey Johnson $854,389 2
Knicks Renaldo Balkman $1,675,000 5
Toney Douglas $1,145,640 2
Jared Jeffries $854,389 9
Steve Novak $854,389 5
Bill Walker $885,120 3
Thunder Royal Ivey $1,200,000 7
Magic Earl Clark $1,160,000 2
Suns Ronnie Price $854,389 6
Spurs Daniel Green $854,389 2
Raptors Aaron Gray $2,500,000 4
Wizards Nick Young $3,695,857 4
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