Batum should start at SG. Why not?

In my opinion Batum is the 3rd best overall player on our team behind LA and GW. Crawford is 4th...With that being said, Crawford is the 6th man, and an ideal one (So we thought...). I love Wesley Mathews, and he is solid, consistent (was...), and plays his butt off. But, lets just be real here, he is the 7th or 8th best all around player on the team. Of course thats not all that matters when it comes to whom starts, but what i notice from Batum is that if he starts or gets heavy run early he gets in a groove, and has a chance for breakout games. Everyone says he can't create off the dribble, but it's because he doesn't get a chance enough to prove it. In France he dropped like 19 per game. On the National team he is the go-to-guy alongside Parker, and that is competitive basketball.

I don't see why you don't slot him in at the 2 and move Wesley to the bench. Wes is more of a spark guy that doesn't need to get into the flow of the game. I think he is best suited with Crawford and the second unit. Plus, lets be real, Crawford is done after this year. He won't be coming back. Sorry to be Debby Downer, but he will be moving on. He is already getting bombarded for basically doing what he has done all year career. His % is down a bit, and he is turning over the ball a little more, but besides that, this is Jamal Crawford. And for that matter, this is Raymond Felton. "They are who we thought they were". Once again, expectations got the best of Rip CIty Fans. With that being said about the departure of Crawford after this year, I think that puts Wes in a position to be our 6th man of the future, a roll that is better suited for him in the long run. Batum is a starter in this league, and you might as well put him in now. He can defend the 2 as well as Wes, shoot as well, and create off the dribble as well. I'd like to see the minutes break down something consistently like this come year end and playoff time...or now.

Felton - 30

Batum - 32

Wallace - 36

Aldridge - 38

Camby - 24

Crawford - 24

Wes - 24

Rhino - 20

Thomas- 12

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