1/22/12 Blow up the roster! Trade Editon

After going 2-4 in this 6 game road trip, im starting to think this is not the team of the future. We are currently
9-7 9th seed in the west. If we keep this up we will be lucky to make the playoffs. Our weakness is, we are too inconsistent thought the whole game, we start of bad and end the games coming up just short. We play pretty good at the R/G, and we are miserable in the road. I think there are a few trades we can make to still make to make a championship run this season, and for seasons too come.

We would get Rondo, Stiemsma

Boston would get Matthews, Batum, Williams, Smith

Why it works: Celtics would get Batum a very young talented player he can shoot 3ptrs mid range game, some what of a post up game, and really good on D. Matthews a good young player, can shoot the 3, he is great in finsihing fast breaks, and solid on D. Smith a good young project, if given the chance he could be a good role player. Williams young raw athletic freak. And with Allen, Garnet coming off their books this summer they can go after a F/A, best chances with a rebuilding team a Restricted F/A.

What to do with Felton

Trade Him:

Why it works: The Lakers really need a PG, Felton is a good PG not great but good. He could be the answer to their problems.

Pacers: They get World Peace a good player when he wants to play, Babbitt a good bench warmer that could be a good shooter if given the chance, Johnson a throw in peace. Cash, draft picks from Portland, 2nd rounder from LA

Our new roster:

PG: Rondo, Price,

SG: Crawford, Jones

SF: Wallace, Ebanks

PF: Aldridge, Smith. Thomas

C: Camby, Stiemsma, Johnson, Oden?

With this Roster we can make a Playoff Push, we probably wont have the best record in the west, because we dont have much depth, but we can compete hard in a 7 game series. Our project would really start in the summer of 2012.

I would try to deal for Rondo, because that could be a big factor in signing a big name F/A next summer. With Rondo and LA, we could lure a Big name F/A to Portland. How with the expiring contracts of Marcus Camby, and Gerald Wallace.

Possible 2012 F/A

(URFA)Dwight Howard,(RFA) Roy Hibbert,(RFA) Brook Lopez,(RFA) JaVale McGee,(RFA) Kevin Love, Danillo Gallinari (RFA), The list goes on and on.

Link for F/A's

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