10 things every Blazer fan should admit:

1: The Blazers suck at shooting the basketball. Mike and Mike continue to soldier on with the good message "and that was a good shot. They just need to start falling." No. Gerald Wallace is not a good 3 point shooter. Wide open or no, that is NOT a "good" shot. A "good" shot is one that has a solid mathematical probability of going in.

2: Ray Felton is fat. Look at his mid section. Quicky, speedy guards should not have Shaq-styled guts. He is overweight for a guard with his strengths and that's that. He makes 6 million a year. He can afford a proper diet.

3. Lamarcus is soft. Soft on his teammates. It's great that Larmarcus wants everyone to get along, but a real team leader isn't afraid to say the unpopular thing. That thing would be: "hey. Jamal. Ray. Stop setting yourself up and pass me the &$*#*#ing ball!". Period. Make or miss, you live with Lamarcus. You don't live with a below average NBA point guard setting them self up though.

4. Gerald Wallace is not an "efficient" offensive player. His touch around the rim is average and his shooting highly suspect. He's made some great shots. He's missed a lot more though.

5. The Blazers are terrible in the fast break. Yes. The assets are there. The athleticism. The will to get to the rim. The ball handling and finishing is not though. It's like watching the General Lee without tires. Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ahhh. Turnover or missed layup. But it was such a good shot! They just need to go in. Sure. Let's keep telling ourselves that.

6. Jamal Crawford is a chucker. Yes. I admit it! I had high hopes. It's almost better that he miss his first shot, because at that point he'll be interested in setting guys up. If he makes his first two shots he'll never pass again. That's bad if you're Michael Jordan in your prime, infinitely worse if you're a journeyman 6th man who couldn't D up PetCo's girlfriend. She might shoot a higher percentage too. Ouch.

7. The Blazer bench sucks at defense. Watch them. Open shot. Layin. Open shot. Layin. It's like watching a summer league game.

8. Ray Felton's ceiling was barely enough to get excited about. Yes. We got a little carried away. He's fast! Look! He's not slow! Great. That's just great. Problem: the rest of his game.

9. Nic is not the answer. No role player is. This team needs much, much more than it currently has on it's roster or "stashed" overseas, although current players playing better, and a certain PF/C healing up and coming over the Atlantic ocean would certainly help.

10. The Blazers suck at the draft. Blame Nate. Go ahead. Nate started Nic though. Nate actually gave J Bay some run. The fact is, 100% of the time, Nate has been right in assigning expectations to players. I know. You're smart. You know stats. So-and-so was GREAT against Wichita State. Nice. You make a great case! I'm still sticking with Nate on this one though: our extended bench sucks. KP got us NOTHING with 10-or-so late first round picks. Pretty weak.

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