How About A Trade Drawer? 1-16-12

I decided to make this trade drawer because almost every post conversation I read lately is turning into trade talk. Thats great and fun and nice and stuff. Lets keep it going. Now we got a spot to do it in.

Okay, we all could agree on this statement, we need a legit center. Dave hinted at an interesting possibility today at the end of his recap saying that it was possible Okafor could be an asset NOR would want to get rid of. Well, that really intrigues me personally, because he is the type of center we would need. Now, me personally, I dont know all the ins and outs of contracts, and all the mumbo jumbo that goes down with a trade. But realistically, what is a trade that would be in the realm of possibility where we might land Okafor, realistically whats his value? Some folks have said GW for Okafor straight up. Dont know if that works or not.

Okay another one Ive been hearing is we need a PG. 2 names worthy of mentioning Ive heard bounce around the campfire are Deron Williams and Steve Nash. Lets start with Steve. Everyone knows hes good. Right now hes avg 10.1 ast per game, which is #1 in the NBA tied with Rondo. In contrast he has the 10th highest ast/to ration in the NBA. But hes also avg 13pts and had a 21per! Dudes good. To trade for him PHX is gonna want assets, probably more than hes worth IMO. Because of age, we prolly dont want him.But for fun, Who is worth giving up to get Nash?

Now Deron, hes good, we know this man. 18.3pts 8.4ast 3.3rebs 17.64per 1.91ast/to ratio. He has the 4th most ast in the league right now with 101. His value is high! Again like Nash, wed have to give up alot to land Deron. Who would make it worth it? Who would you be willing to give up?

Out of these scenarios, the one where we land a decent center is the one I want to see happen. SO heres my trade that probably doesnt work but I just quickly eyeballed the salaries since the trade machine is down.

We Get:

C Omeka Okafor 12.6million

PF Carl Landry 8.5million

They Get:

SF Gerald Wallace 9.5million

C Marcus Camby 11.2million

and any combination of Eliot, Babbit, Freeland, Smith, Armon, Rhino, CJ, picks, cash

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