Sports in the World Today -- a.k.a., eSports is the future!

(Warning: This FanPost contains high amounts of nerdy subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.)


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The main question is: What do you consider a sport? Do things like poker, chess, and video games count as sports when played professionally?


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I'm a huge Blazer fan. I'm sure that you are too, because, well... You're here, aren't you?

But, dang it, there's a lockout. No basketball. So, we're required to find other things to fill our time with.

For me, this is where eSports comes in....



You see, I've always been a huge nerd. And, Portland being the city that it is, I can only imagine that I'm not alone when I say I'm a huge nerd. One of my favorite nerdy things to do is play video games, the most recent of which has been Starcraft 2.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered earlier today that the NBA's Gordon Hayward is also an avid Starcraft 2 player.  Hayward plans to play in the open bracket of an upcoming tournament in Atlantic City. They even made a parody video of LeBron's Decision to announce Hayward's participation in the tournament.

"Cool!" I thought, "I love basketball. I love Starcraft. Nice to see the merging of two of my favorite things, eSports and basketball!"


(for those who don't know, eSports is the name for any sort of professional electronic sport, such as Starcraft, Halo, and Call of Duty. eSports is gaining popularity, and currently many people play professionally all over the world for boat-loads of cash. Here in the United States, MLG and IPL are great examples of eSports leagues.)


As I delved further into the news, I discovered a short article written by our very own Ben Golliver. In it, he takes a "tongue-in-cheek" perspective on a professional sports athlete playing in an eSports tournament. Unfortunately for our Mr. Golliver, the StarCraft2 community did not take it as such, and proceeded to lash out against him and his twitter. The collective response from the Starcraft Nerds was "Quit bashing us! We're a real sport too!" (although perhaps not worded as nicely.....)

Being that I've been a nerd far longer than I've been a Blazer fan, I can definitely relate to the feeling of "not being taken seriously". I would also imagine that many a Blazer fan can relate to this feeling as well, seeing as many in the national media don't seem to take the blazers as seriously as we'd like them to. However, this does not excuse the poor behavior by some in the SC2 community when they began to bash Ben and his article, no matter what their opinion of it was.



Long story short, I believe that this boils down to a few basic questions: What do you consider a sport? To you, is a game such as chess (or poker) a sport? If so, then as the internet and video games become more and more accepted, how do you feel about the idea of eSports and professional eSports teams/competitors? Or is some sort of physical exertion necessary for a game to become a sport? Does anyone here watch professional poker, billiards, or (doubtful) chess? Does the level of professional play help determine if the game is a sport?



On a broader sense, what have you been doing with your lockout so far? Have you simply turned your "sports-attention" to another sport to watch (football, soccer, ect)? Or have you tuned out sports entirely? Have you picked up something to do on the side, like I have with Starcraft?


(I realize that this post has little-to-zero Blazers content, but I also know that, well... what else are we supposed to talk about? It's a dang lockout! Plus the sidebar has been dead lately..)

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