Trade Options: Big Men

Unless Greg Oden can stay healthy, Camby maintains a decent level of play, and Chris Johnson is better than thought, the Blazers clearly need another big man. 

We already took a look at free agent options. Here are some potential trades for whoever manages this team.

Cleveland: Anderson Varejao and Daniel Gibson for Camby, two 2nd picks, and cash

Varej-ouh! (that is a flop joke) is a good role-player, but overpaid (4yrs/$35 million left). Gibson is a good three-point shooter but is now probably 4th on Cleveland's point guard depth chart. The Cavs get salary savings, more when you consider a likely buyout or retirement by Camby in addition to the other sweeteners. 

Varejao would be nice in Portland, especially off the bench if Oden is healthy. Gibson could play at the 1/2 and add much needed shooting.


LAC: Chris Kaman and Brian Cook for Camby, Luke Babbit, Chris Johnson two 2nd rd. picks, cash

I don't think this is the most plausible deal, as the Clips will likely trade Kaman, but are probably looking for more. All the same, I saw it mentioned and it was intriguing at least.

Kaman is a legit center with a good mid-range jumpshot and was recently an (undeserved) all-star. His injury history and downright ugliness. Not sure I want to look at that mug everytime I watch the Blazers, especially if he is sitting in a suit. And if he grows his Gollum hair out again, ugh. Anyway...

It wouldn't appear to be a great deal for LAC but it is not too far off the Camby trade, and may be a good deal if they can't land a star.

NOH: Emeka Okafor and David Anderson for Camby, Armon Johnson, C. Johnson, Joel Freeland, 2nd rd. pick, and cash

This trade would likely be if New Orleans is planning for life after Chris Paul. Okafor has a huge contract that would be an anchor on a rebuilding team. This trade could also give them a ton of salary cap space to add pieces in 2012 if they want to risk that. All three young players would get serious run if the Hornets are rebuilding. The Hornets are about as good beyond their top two as the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates.

Okafor isn't dominant, but he is a good defensive center without being a drag on offense. While he did struggle with injuries early in his career, he has been one of the most durable centers in the league the past few years. His contract would absolutely kill the Blazers salary-wise.

Anderson would be neck-and-neck with Kaman in a beauty contest.

Phoenix: Josh Childress, Hakim Warrick, and Robin Lopez for Brandon Roy or Lopez for Babbit, A. Johnson, two 2nd rd. picks, and cash

I think Phoenix is one team that might be smart to take a risk on Roy if we trade him. They have a hole at the 2 and a legendary training staff (see Hill, Grant). They would get rid of two bad contracts here.

A Hoopsworld writer recently suggested a Lopez-to-NYK for a 2nd rounder and cash. Not that that carries a lot of weight, but I raise the bar here with an extra pick plus the two young players, who I think would benefit from playing with Hill and Steve Nash. The Suns have a logjam with Lopez, Warrick, Marcin Gortat, Channing Frye, and rookie Markieff Morris in the post. Lopez lost most of his minutes to Gortat last season. 

Robin-I-am-white-but-I-have-a-fro-and-my-last-name-is-Lopez doesn't come without concerns, but it is a rare opportunity to add a young center to the core.

Sacramento: Jason Thompson for Babbit, Johnson & Johnson, two 2nd rd. picks, and cash

The jury is out on Thompson in Sacramento. DeMarcus Cousins and JJ Hickson seem to be the future in the middle for the Kings, while they look to also add veterans.

Thompson would be a great addition to the bench, with the ability to backup the 4/5 positions.

Toronto: Andrea Bargnani and Linas Kleiza for Camby, Babbit, Claver, 2nd rd. pick, cash or Kleiza, Amir Johnson, Ed Davis, for Camby, C. Johnson, Claver, Freeland, , 2nd rd. pick

With Jonas Valanciunas coming over next year, the Raptors may not have room for all their big men. Kleiza and Johnson were the Raptors' contribution to the bad contracts of last year. With their penchant for Europeans, Claver and Freeland may intrigue the Raptors.

Bargnani trade rumors have been flying around for a long time. New coach Dwayne Casey left Ed Davis out recently when talking about Toronto's promising young core. That was likely just an oversight, but did lead to speculation.

While his defensive and rebounding are quite troublesome, adding a shooting/scoring big in Bargnani to the starting lineup would be interesting. Aldridge would have to up his board and block numbers, but he sure could use the floor spreading and scoring help from the Big Pizza.

Ed Davis is unrefined and might lose a sumo-wrestle with Chris Johnson, but is coming off his rookie season, and could be a defensive game-changer.

Utah: Al Jefferson and Raja Bell for Camby, the young ones (Babbit, Claver, and the Johnsons) and the extras (two 2nds and cash).

The Jazz have a post logjam and look to be rebuilding. Both of those point to a Jefferson trade, though they may hold on to him for a bit. Some seem to think that Jefferson should be traded for little more than cap relief, while others think he should return serious assets (which would mean he wouldn't be a Blazer). This does give much-needed cap relief, and some smaller assets.

Jefferson is often judged for his teams' lack of success. That is not completely unfair, but he also hasn't had good situations. His offense is very good. His defense isn't great but he is a very good shot-blocker.

Some would suggest a Millsap trade, but  he is shorter than Steve Javie's patience and I wouldn't go for that unless Oden was healthy. I don't like playing Aldridge at the five a ton. Depending on what side of the spectrum you are on, this may not be a realistic trade.


All deals work under current trade rules. Trades for Dwight Howard, Andrew Bogut, Nene, and Marc Gasol are excluded (despite the authors occasional suggestions for those far-fetched trades :-)

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