Blazers Army-Part 2


We are off to a great start—75 comments and almost 400 votes in the poll, with a solid majority supporting the idea of some type of Blazers Army fan organization. Thanks to everyone who voted and commented in the first post. Since that post expired, I’m creating a new one to keep the conversation going. As always, REC THIS UP so the conversation keeps growing!


I went through the original post comments and tried to pick out all the positive suggestions. The following is a list of all the ideas presented  (with some additions of my own).

  • Organize around section 314 (the emotional heart of the RG).

  • On the other hand, we don’t necessarily all have to sit together, it may be both practical and fun to spread throughout the arena and have “section captains” who hand out info sheets (chants, lyrics, instructions) to folks in their area. I sit with a group of 9 folks (1/4 season right now) in section 303, which is across the baseline from 314—maybe we can work on call-and-response chants with each other.

  • Come up with better, original chants—no more D-D-D-Defense, or other generic basketball chants. Maybe we can work on a list of one or more chants for each player. I’m already thinking of a bunch of “Cupcake” puns.

  • Specific, ritual chants at particular times—such as tipoff, after a made 3, after an awesome dunk, after an opponent flops, during timeouts (especially ones called by the other team during close moments, to drown out their strategy session)…

  • Coordinated, good-spirited put downs of opposing players, such as chanting “Big 2” every time Bosch goes to the line or blows a play, or “Sit Down Stan” every time SVG gets on the refs (to be adapted for other coaches). Anything to try to get into the heads of opponents.

  •  Songs—maybe a better end-of-game blowout song to replace “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” And also a short, scary fight song that can get everyone fired up and unite the crowd and get super loud during tight games.

  • Giant Waving Flags! Especially in the sections behind the basket during free throws. I’m not sure how the arena folks would feel about this—it might block folks views—so we might have to be judicious about when to unfurl them, perhaps at tipoff, beginning of second half, and last 2 minutes of close games.

  • Coordinated swaying of thunder-sticks behind the basket during opposing team free throws so it looks like the basket is swaying. I’ve seen the Pistons try to do this with the long colorful balloons clowns use—but I think that’s just out of necessity, when your arena is 1/3 full, trying to make a bunch of noise sounds pathetic, but long colorful balloons make the empty space seem full.

  •  Blazers Scarves—maybe this is a little too close to soccer, but I think they look cool, and actually make sense for a sport played in the winter. Also, coordinated swinging of scarves, or holding them up and horizontal is pretty cool visually.

  • Everybody seems to  hate the cheesy jumbotron filler stuff (during timeouts/halftime) and piped in music—perhaps if we get rolling we can approach the RG folks and ask them to back off on the canned stuff.

  • Silence during the opposing team introductions—this would be creepy and cool if it worked, but it also might just provide room for the few opposing fans to sound loud. At a minimum, it would be great if the RG staff could drop the “who are you, who, who” song, because it’s lame and kind of embarrassing and sounds a little too much like the DuckTails song.

Constructive criticisms raised by thoughtful posters:

  • Noise in the RG—it’s much louder than Jeld-Wen, so it won’t be as easy to dominate with chants, songs…

  • Basketball gameflow is quite different from soccer and would make it difficult to sustain long songs, etc. when the action changes so fast. However, this doesn’t seem to be an issue in NCAA basketball, which has plenty of rowdy, coordinated fan bases. But, it does make sense that gameflow would dictate somewhat different activities for basketball than soccer. Perhaps shorter songs/chants?

  • Blazer’s offense is slow and deliberate and constant noise might be a problem for on court communication between coaches, point-guards, etc. This is beyond my knowledge as a basketball player, but it seems to me that the arena is usually pretty loud anyway and the players are used to it. Also, if we can get loud enough to disrupt communication, I assume our guys will get used to it pretty quickly and that it will be a much bigger problem for opposing teams who only experience it once or twice a year.


Group Name



  • I suggested Blazer’s Brigade as a toss-off, but I’m sure we can do better.
  • Conspirator5 suggested Twenty Thousand Thorns, which I like. Here is his/her explanation “If it’s not obvious, this is a reference to the seating capacity of the Rose Garden (19,980 officially). To me it’s intimidating, evoking the mystique of the Rose Garden as a hostile place for visiting teams. Even if the naming rights to the RG gets sold, nobody will forget that “there are twenty thousand thorns in the Rose Garden” when the Blazers take to the court.”  If this name sticks, I suggest “Every Rose Has it’s Thorn” as our theme song. Mostly, because it’s an awesome song.
  • BlazerBaz suggested Blazers FanStand—because if you’re up there (in 300 level) “You better be standing."


This was suggested by Kevlar Rocket and I think it would be an awesome idea. Perhaps the RG folks could pick a parking lot (I like the one on the other side of MC by the river, because it has nice views and is visible from the Broadway Bridge.) Another alternative would be meeting in a public park--Lillis Albina, Dawson and Holiday parks are all within walking distance of the RG. Parking could be a problem at a park but getting a couple hundred fans together before the game would be a blast and everyone walking to the game together would be awesome.


(On a side note, formatting this post was a real pain. I'm sorry some of the spacing is weird. I wrote it in word and tried to copy/past and it all got screwed up--I've spent an hour on it now, and that's all I got.)

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