Blazers as Jersey Shore characters

Ever wondered what it would be like if our players took their talents literally to South Beach? You're in luck.  I'm here to fill you in.

Ronnie- Nicolas Batum.  He has so much potential but has always seemed to be distracted by either Sammi or awful grenades.  Time for him to shape up and bro out

Snooki- Armon Johnson.  You may not take him seriously, but he provides a spirit that ignites this clubhouse.  No one would ever question his dedication to his bros or even his hoes.

Deena- Pattie Mills. Small, foreign.  Is best friends with Snooki and is a very vocal person. Not an essential piece.

Mike "The Situation"- Greg Oden. It's obvious that there's nothing he loves more than hitting the town with his bros and picking up some ladies, but he can often be more of a distraction than a help. He acts young but looks decades older than he is (Mike is actually old) and has some maturing to do.

Angelina- Martell Webster.  I personally feel like we shouldn't have given up on him yet, but at the same time there are many reasons that he was banished from the clubhouse and Angelina got booted from the shore.  Plus, she was kind of crazy.

Vinny- Lamarcus Aldridge. LMA is a stand out in the locker room as Vinny is to the Shore.  Both are the most reliable people in their fields and can be trusted by their bros.

Sammi- Luke Babbitt. We saw glimpses of massive potential before the season started, but now it seems that almost all hope is lost. Once he gets over his mental problems he could easily be one of the girls again.

Pauly D- Brandon Roy. He's always been an integral part to this team, but he's obviously lost his edge over the past year.  He used to be able to broam freely, but stalkers, knee surgeries, and more stalkers have slowed him down. He has a lot of baggage to shed, so we have yet to see if he can return to form.

JWoww- Blazer's Edge members. Easily the loudest of the group, yet not always accurate with their claims.  They are definitely too involved in what happens with Nic Batum/Ronnie.  With that being said, you will not find anyone as dedicated to their bros or as passionate about their friends as BE/JWoww.

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