Portland Trail Blazers 2011-2012 NBA Schedule

On Tuesday, the NBA released its 2011 - 2012 NBA schedule, assuming there is a full 82-game season.  Here's the Blazers.com link.  

  • Click through for the full Portland Trail Blazers schedule.  
  • If you're interested in comparing, here's a link to the 2010-2011 Blazers schedule.
  • NBAStuffer.com has posted its full breakdown of back-to-backs, three games in four nights, days of rest, etc.
  • The SB Nation NBA guys are doing a great series of breakdowns league-wide here.
  • Mike Barrett has posted his thoughts on Blazers.com here.
  • Joe Freeman of The Oregonian has his breakdown here.

Some quick notes...

  • The Blazers do not play on Christmas this year for the first time since 2006-2007.
  • November -- 15 games -- 6 home games; 9 road games
  • December -- 13 games -- 8 home games; 5 road games
  • January -- 15 games -- 5 home games; 10 road games
  • February -- 13 games -- 8 home games; 5 road games
  • March -- 17 games -- 8 home games; 9 road games
  • April -- 9 games -- 6 home games; 3 road games
  • Longest homestand --  4 games in November, 4 games in December, 4 games in February
  • Longest road trip -- 7 games in March -- Minnesota, Boston, Toronto, Cleveland, New York, Orlando, Miami
  • 9 appearances on ESPN; 5 appearances on TNT; 7 appearances on NBA TV
Tallies from the team...

1 Game: 7
2 Games: 2
3 Games: 6
4 Games: 3


1 Game: 9
2 Games: 3
3 Games: 3
4 Games: 1
5 Games: 0
6 Games: 1
7 Games: 1


Road‐Road: 8
Home‐Home: 0
Road‐Home: 3
Home‐Road: 7

What are your first impressions?

-- Ben Golliver | benjamin.golliver@gmail.com | Twitter


Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Thu 03  vs Denver    7:30pm      
 Fri 04  @ LA Clippers    7:30pm      
 Sun 06  @ Phoenix    5:00pm      
 Wed 09  @ Denver    6:00pm      
 Thu 10  vs San Antonio    7:30pm      
 Sat 12  vs Detroit    7:00pm      
 Mon 14  vs Philadelphia    7:00pm      
 Wed 16  vs Chicago    7:00pm      
 Fri 18  @ Indiana    4:00pm      
 Sat 19  @ Milwaukee    5:30pm      
 Mon 21  @ Charlotte    4:00pm      
 Wed 23  @ Detroit    4:30pm      
 Fri 25  vs Utah    7:00pm      
 Mon 28  @ Dallas    5:30pm      
 Wed 30  @ Atlanta    4:30pm      
December Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Fri 02  vs Indiana    7:30pm      
 Sun 04  @ LA Lakers    6:30pm      
 Mon 05  vs Minnesota    7:00pm      
 Thu 08  vs Boston    7:30pm      
 Mon 12  vs Sacramento    7:00pm      
 Wed 14  vs Toronto    7:00pm      
 Fri 16  @ Phoenix    6:00pm      
 Sun 18  @ Memphis    3:00pm      
 Mon 19  @ San Antonio    5:30pm      
 Fri 23  vs Phoenix    7:30pm      
 Mon 26  vs LA Clippers    7:00pm      
 Thu 29  vs New York    7:00pm      
 Sat 31  @ Houston    5:00pm      
January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Tue 03  @ Oklahoma City    5:00pm      
 Wed 04  @ Minnesota    5:00pm      
 Fri 06  vs Memphis    7:30pm      
 Sun 08  vs Cleveland    6:00pm      
 Wed 11  vs Orlando    7:00pm      
 Fri 13  @ San Antonio    5:00pm      
 Sat 14  @ Houston    5:00pm      
 Mon 16  @ Philadelphia    11:00am      
 Wed 18  @ New Jersey    4:30pm      
 Fri 20  @ Washington    4:00pm      
 Sat 21  @ Chicago    5:00pm      
 Tue 24  vs LA Lakers    7:00pm      
 Wed 25  @ Golden State    7:30pm      
 Fri 27  vs Phoenix    7:00pm      
 Sat 28  @ Utah    6:00pm      
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Wed 01  vs Charlotte    7:00pm      
 Thu 02  @ Sacramento    7:00pm      
 Sat 04  vs Denver    7:00pm      
 Mon 06  vs Oklahoma City    7:00pm      
 Wed 08  vs Houston    7:00pm      
 Fri 10  @ New Orleans    5:00pm      
 Sat 11  @ Dallas    5:30pm      
 Tue 14  vs Washington    7:00pm      
 Thu 16  vs LA Clippers    7:30pm      
 Sat 18  vs Atlanta    7:00pm      
 Tue 21  vs San Antonio    7:00pm      
 Wed 22  @ Utah    6:00pm      
 Wed 29  @ Denver    6:00pm      
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Thu 01  vs Miami    7:30pm      
 Sat 03  vs Minnesota    7:00pm      
 Mon 05  vs New Orleans    7:00pm      
 Wed 07  @ Minnesota    5:00pm      
 Fri 09  @ Boston    4:30pm      
 Sun 11  @ Toronto    10:00am      
 Tue 13  @ Cleveland    4:00pm      
 Wed 14  @ New York    4:30pm      
 Fri 16  @ Orlando    4:00pm      
 Sun 18  @ Miami    3:00pm      
 Tue 20  vs Milwaukee    7:00pm      
 Thu 22  vs Memphis    7:00pm      
 Fri 23  @ LA Lakers    7:30pm      
 Sun 25  vs Golden State    6:00pm      
 Tue 27  vs Oklahoma City    7:00pm      
 Thu 29  vs New Orleans    7:00pm      
 Fri 30  @ LA Clippers    7:30pm      
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Sun 01  vs Sacramento    6:00pm      
 Wed 04  vs New Jersey    7:00pm      
 Fri 06  @ Oklahoma City    5:00pm      
 Sat 07  @ Memphis    5:00pm      
 Mon 09  vs Houston    7:00pm      
 Wed 11  vs Golden State    7:30pm      
 Fri 13  vs Dallas    7:30pm      
 Sun 15  @ Sacramento    3:00pm      
 Wed 18   vs Utah 7:30pm 

More information from a press release from the team.

Portland's 82-game schedule slated to begin November 3

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland Trail Blazers tip-off their 42nd NBA season by hosting the Northwest Division rival Denver Nuggets on Thursday, Nov. 3, marking the third straight year the team has opened the season at the Rose Garden.

All 82 Trail Blazers games will be aired by national carriers or the Trail Blazers Broadcast Television Network. Portland's complete broadcast schedule and preseason schedule will be available in the coming weeks.

Portland plays nine of its first 15 games on the road and closes the season by playing 11 of its last 16 at the Rose Garden. The schedule includes a six-game road trip (Jan. 13-21) and a season-high, seven-game trip (March 7-18).

Among the top teams making the trip to the Rose City in 2011-12: the defending NBA champion Dallas Mavericks on April 13; the Miami Heat on March 1; the rival Los Angeles Lakers on Jan. 24; the Chicago Bulls on Nov. 16 and the Boston Celtics on Dec. 8.

Portland will take on 10 of 14 Western Conference opponents twice at home and twice on the road, while playing Dallas, Golden State, the L.A. Lakers and New Orleans only three times apiece. Of those matchups, the Trail Blazers host Golden State and New Orleans twice, and Dallas and the L.A. Lakers once. The club will face each Eastern Conference team twice.

The Trail Blazers close out the 2011-12 NBA regular season at home on Wednesday, April 18, vs. Utah.

-- Ben Golliver | benjamin.golliver@gmail.com | Twitter

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