Nicolas Batum & Danny Granger

Maybe less fans over value Batum than I think. But I hate hearing fans say that trading Batum for someone like Monta Ellis or Andre Iguodola is giving up too much. If the Blazers want to get better they're likely going to have to trade Batum. 

When Portland got Gerald Wallace their was actually a debate as to who should be the starting small forward when their really shouldn't have been. If I'm not mistaken, Wallace was an all star last year. Also if I'm not mistaken, Batum has never been anywhere close to being an all star. 

Throughout this season I continued to hear the Scottie Pippen comparison. Am I the only one who doesn't see that? I'm no expert but Batum has reached his peak as far as production on the court. He's not better than a sixth man that can potentially be a starter. I'm not saying he's as good as he's going to be. I'm sure he'll get better because he's still young. But as far as production he's been as good as he'll ever be. Trust me. 

Fans continue to listen to guys like Mike Barrett and sometimes Mike Rice who compare Batum to Pippen. Then they get excited because they think that Barrett and Rice must know what they're talking about because they're professionaly analysts. Let me give you a few other comparisons they've made just to show how inaccurate they've been.

Brandon Roy - Oscar Robertson

LaMarcus Aldridge - Karl Malone

Greg Oden - Bill Russell, David Robinson, Shaq

Patty Mills - Tony Parker

Rudy Fernandez - Manu Ginobili

So since those comparisons they've made have been sooooo accurate I guess we should listen to them about Batum. I mean these are the same guys who thought Sergio Rodriguez was the point guard of the future. This team has a history of keeping guys too long and not trading them for real talent when they could have. Yet after the 2000 season they get rid of Jermaine O'Neal who actually had real talent. Sure you wouldn't have known it then. But it seems like they're scared to deal these guys.

As constructed this team isn't getting out of the first round. They're not getting better. As a matter of fact over the last 3 seasons they've gotten worse. A trade I've been pondering is a trade for Danny Granger. He's an all star caliber player and one hell of a scorer. It'd probably take Wallace and Batum to get him. I mean I don't even know if Indiana would want to give him up. But lest just pretend he's on the table. I'd trade Wallace and Batum for Granger in a heartbeat.

Will Danny Granger win the Blazers a championship? Probably not. Will he make them better? Absolutely. If Greg Oden is healthy next season and is still a Blazer and the Blazers don't make any changes they'll maybe get out of the first round. But I doubt it. They don't have a consistent big time perimeter scorer. But if they make a deal for someone like Granger and Oden is healthy and Aldridge is able to continue playing like he did this season who knows.... Maybe they could make it to the western conference finals.

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