A cunning plan to get the #4 pick without giving up Batum

Several sources recently reported that a trade was on the verge of happening between Detroit, Cleveland and Minnesota that would have gone like this:

Minny gives up the #2 pick for the #4 and the #8.

Cavs give up the #4 pick and cap room for the #2 and Rip Hamilton's contract.

Detroit gives up the #8 pick in return for offloading Rip's contract (Cavs can absorb it because of a trade exception, I think)

BUT: Detroit backed out, demanding more for the #8 pick than simple cap relief.  Here's where we come in!

This post got me thinking that there are people out there who value our NBA properties more than many fans.  They give us an A- for international drafting.  Now, both Detroit and Minny have extensive Euro-scouting programs and both have used high picks on Euro players (Darko!  Ricky!) before (and lest you think Detroit has been permanently scared off, don't forget they also stole Mehmet Okur in the second round), so they're Euro-friendly.  With that in mind, here's my suggestion:

Minny gives up the #2 pick for the #8 plus Freeland (the big man they covet, regarded by his peers as the best "pivot" in the ACB, and sought after by Barcelona) and possibly Rudy (to make Ricky happy)

Cavs exactly as before - #4 for #2 and Rip

Detroit gives up Rip and the #8 for cap space and Claver (remember, he was MVP of one month of ACB play - he also finished higher in "best young player" voting than Jan Vesely, who is projected around that pick but can't shoot like Claver) and we'll throw in Babbitt if they want (probably not)

Portland gives up at least the rights to Claver and Freeland and possibly Rudy and Babbitt as well, in exchange for the #4 pick, which should give us a choice of at least two out of Enes Kanter, Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker, and the younger big Lithuanian kid.

Huh?  Huh?  Detroit gets a young player, as well as what it got before, as it asked, and Minny gets the trade to happen, and Freeland (plus Rudy if they want) instead of the #4 pick.  And they can probably take Bismack Biyombo with the #8.  It makes too much sense NOT to happen!

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