Draft Red Flags


"Still Raw"


"Must Improve: Basketball Ability"

These are a few of the red flags that sometimes get attached to NBA prospects leading up to the draft.  While these red flags are some of the more common ones, there are many, many, many more that for whatever reason don't get mentioned by the so-called "experts" on draft websites. Continue after the jump to see more:

#1-Wore a t-shirt under his jersey in college

I wrote about this prior to last year's draft. To all those who reflexively say "Well what about Patrick Ewing?", go and read the post. If you still don't believe that there is some predictive power in this test remember this: Ewing wasn't the best player in his draft class; Arvydas Sabonis* was. Ewing wasn't even the 2nd best player in his draft class; Karl Malone was. Rewatching the 1985 NBA Lottery shows you just how highly regarded Ewing was entering the league, and you would have a very hard time saying that he met those expectations. The reason? It's gotta be the t-shirt.

(*Yes, Sabonis was drafted in the 1985 draft although the pick was later nullified because he wasn't old enough to eligible to be draft due to being. The Blazers drafted him the next year despite Sabonis blowing out his Achilles a month prior. If teams are willing to draft you when you might not be eligible and/or after you blow our your Achilles you must be an awesome player) 

Finally (and perhaps must importantly) Justin Beiber wears a t-shirt under his jersey. Would you draft Justin Beiber? Likewise you shouldn't draft t-shirt wearers.



#2- Has posters of "Rage Against The Machine" and Che Guevara on the wall.




#3- Has ridiculous tattoos

Many people say that their tattoos reveal something about themselves and/or their personality. As such if a player has a tattoo (or tattoos) that make you say "What were they thinking?", teams should think twice about drafting said player due to their obviously questionable decision making ability. Examples of such tattoos include: a neck tat of Abraham Lincolna knight riding a dragonScrappy DooFred Flintstonewhatever you call Stephon Marbury's head tattoo, and seemingly almost any tattoo of Chris Anderson or J.R. Smith.

#4- Is older than me

I am 30. If you been drafted by then, odds are you aren't going to do anything in the NBA.

What other draft red flags are there?

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