Can Felton be suffering from the "Miller-ness"

Can Raymond Felton be suffering in people's eyes and opinions because he is a younger version of Andre Miller and is way under appreciated in a league of flashy over hyped point guards?

Looking through the posts that people are posting in the "Andre was superior" category, the stats keep lining up again and again...with one exception: AGE. Felton is entering the prime of his career. Can it be said than that Felton, who was rumored to be allstar potential during his time at Knicks, is going to be far superior than Andre? Yes is the answer to that question in my opinion.

Yes, there is only one year left in his contract, but his agent said that Portland was his second choice so an extension is a non-issue.

Yes, Andre had a ironman record in the NBA, but Felton's games played (474/492 over six seasons) still puts him in an elite position.

Yes, Andre had postup potential, but thats Lamarcus' game so lets not step on toes.

Yes, Andre put up 52 points against Dallas, thats just plain cool. However lets be honest, Dre was that basic point, much in the way Felton will be. One big difference between Felton and Dre is the fact that Ray has more potential of stepping up and shooting a cold blooded shot due to his range. Ray has more potential of tweaking his skills to better fit our game.

I was confused with Blazer's drafting, but starting to feel better as we now have good depth as PG, with a brawl for the backup position, which will bring out the best in all. Faried's energy would have been great off the bench but with no offense he wouldn't have been a good backup for our corner stone; LaAllstar.

I have no doubt, and you neither should you, that our frontcourt problems will be answered by free agency signing.

Last year's draft brought a grade of around an "A" and that was with a beloved Pritchard at the helm still, but can we really say that Elliot, Armon, and Luke have fufilled that 4.0 grade?...grading drafts is complete garbage in my opinion, grade it later after the season is done. However I am tired of hearing people disparage our picks this year already a day in and tired of hearing people dis Raymond Felton when he is Andre Miller, with a bigger upside. Six years into his career, Andre was averaging 13.6 points, 7 assists. Felton in NY(starting role) averaged 17 points and 9 assists.

Yes, Felton has been in the league for six seasons, only in the playoffs twice, and never has made it out of the first round... but I would take him over a point guard thats been in the league for twice as long and entered the playoffs almost four times as much, but never out of the first round.

Something about this all tells me not to worry. People questioned Wesley Mathews being brought in last summer, but he saved our season, and every NBA Team was sick after seeing what he could do. Batum was a steal, every team wants him, we have a new PG and we still have Batum, where are the cheers? 

Can't help but wonder what a little player named Brandon Roy thinks of the Felton move.....let me take a guess...he loves it.

2012 western conference champions: Portland Trail Blazers

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