Draft Day Trade Spurs and Blazers

Please make this happen, Ive been thinking of trades of ever sense the off season ended in hopes of improving the blazers title hopes without mortaging all of our future. I've explored trades for Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Steph Curry, Steve Nash, Andre Iguodala,  Tony Parker, and Dwight Howard to guys like Beno Udrih, Andris Biedrins, JJ Redick and many others but today after hearing how the Spurs are listening to offers about both Parker and Hill I created a trade scenario that would work for both teams

 Batum/ Mills/ C. Johnson


Hill/ Splitter


While Batum has with out a doubt the highest ceiling of any player in the trade i believe Splitter has the second highest, in limited minutes he had a PER of 16 in his rookie year, though he is 26. I think he could put up around 13-15 ppg and 7-9 rpg anywhere else in the league. He simply had to fight for minutes against Tim Duncan, Matt Bonner, Antonio Mcdyess, and Dejaun Blair, There is just not enough minutes to go around. Hill is your basic all around PG. He is a better defender, shooter and athlete then Andre which would give us a perfect yin and yang, with andre's passing and finesse style.

This would give San Antonio a better all around player then an aging and often injured richard jefferson,  as well as giving them depth back at PG and C in Patty and C.J. Nic is a mirror image of San Antonio looks for from his character to his gritty playing style. Plus wouldn't this make Tony Parker delighted to see the team bring in a fellow frenchman while trading away his competition for minutes?

I know most of have always said either batum gets us a superstar or he stays in portland but we need to face the idea that it doesnt seem like that'll happen especially without a slew of other players. so  consider the idea what if he brought us two players at positions of need, who are just entering their primes at 25 and 26? oh and both have no injury history

our rotation

1 - Miller 28/ Hill 20

2 - Mathews 28/ Fernandez 16

3 - Wallace 34/ Roy 18

4 - Aldridge 36/ Splitter ?

5 - Camby 28/ Oden ?

Splitter minutes will be determined by when Oden plays as well as how much and long he can play for, And with oden out wallace would likely spend atleast ten more minutes per game playing the 4 which would open up more minutes for brandon and rudy at the 3.

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