Throwing My Hat into the Trade Idea Ring

Confession: I am normally not a big fan of trade fanposts, they too often seem to be unrealistic for the teams involved. But I thought about this trade, and decided that I would just put it on here for fun anyway. Let's get into it:

Portland Trail Blazers Receive:

-No. 4 Pick in the NBA Draft

-Jonny Flynn of the Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves Receive:

-Antawn Jamison of the Cleveland Cavaliers

-Cash Considerations from the Portland Trail Blazers

-Future First Round Pick(s) from Portland Trail Blazers (+No. 21 Pick this year?)

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive:

-No. 2 Pick in the NBA Draft

-Andre Miller of the Portland Trail Blazers

-Martell Webster of the Minnesota Timberwolves


Now let me explain: This is centered around a few rumors, namely that 1) the Cavs want to trade up to No. 2 to pick Derrick Williams, 2) the Wolves are looking for a veteran PF to bolster a young team and 3) Portland is looking to trade up to draft either Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight. Here are my motivations for each team on why they might want to do this deal:


-Allows the Blazers to receive a point guard with a lot of potential for only having to give up one player. I think any draft day trade, especially for a point guard, will involve unloading Andre. It's not something I like doing particularly, I think we will end up sacrificing some wins in this season to do it, but if the Blazers decide they need to upgrade at 1 this might be the best way to do it. Cash is meaningless, Paul Allen is always eager to dish out when he needs to, especially on draft day. Giving up the picks will mean we are betting on now, but still worth it. This deal is significantly sweeter if Knight is still available with the 4th pick. Flynn is a small consolation from Minnesota needing to dump a PG, but could make a decent backup in the future, and a stopgap for the present, or trade filler.


-It has been reported that Minnesota has no qualms giving up the 2 pick for the right price, they already are loaded with young players, and since Williams is a near consensus No. 2 Pick it might be more valuable for them to trade him rather than keep him. There have been rumours floating about recently (don't know how credible) that the Wolves are looking for a veteran forward. There was talk of Pau Gasol, but unless they unload Love he is too expensive for them to get. Although Jamison is fairly old (35) he is still putting up pretty good numbers (18 PPG last season) and would likely give the team the veteran leadership they are seeking. Then throw in some cash and picks from the Blazers (maybe even their number 21 pick this year) they just might do this deal. It all depends on how much they value that No. 2 pick in a weak draft. You could exchange any other player for Webster and Flynn, but I figure that they wouldn't mind dumping Martell since he has been underwhelming and Flynn because they are stacked at PG.


-They get the No. 2 pick, the main reason this trade would happen at all. Although they haven't been floating Jamison's name, he was signed when they were building around LeBron, and now that they are firmly in rebuilding mode loosing him will not hurt much. It will allow them to put their main focus at the position around Varejao, who has shown to be capable. I know the Cavs wanted to get rid of Baron Davis, but there seems to be a slim chance of unloading that contract in this summers market. They could easily choose to not pick up Andre's option, or use him as a trade asset in another trade. Martell can help fill up depth at the wings.

The only team I could see not doing this deal would be Minnesota, if they place more value on the No. 2 than that. But honestly I think it's pretty realistic, if it actually happened. I doubt it will, but you never know. What do you guys think? I'm totally willing to adjust things based off input.

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