Win Now or When...Now?

I keep hearing about how Paul Allen is in a "Win Now" mode. And I just want to discuss this popular buzz phrase. Are we in a "Win Now" mode..and what does that even mean?

Besides most of the media telling us Paul Allen is in Win Now mode...besides "hints" or rumors that Paul Allens "Win Now" desires vs. Rich Cho's lets rebuild for the future approach was what- maybe- allegedly led to Cho;s dismissal, what evidence do we have that Paul Allen is in Win Now mode?

Most will cite the trade for Gerald Wallace. But in fairness was that a "Win Now" move...or just a move The Blazers had evidently considered or desired making for years, that became almost a "slam dunk" you have to make it trade, designed primarily not to support win much as to support..keep us in playoff contention?

Because I think as fans, I think we have to be careful that we aren't simply telling ourselves what we want to hear. Because isn't in "nicer" as fans to hear that your wealthy owner is in "Win Now" mode? Don't you want to imagine that Paul Allen is sitting behind the desk, with thoughts of championship Blazers haunting him like dreams of The Spruce Goose...and Allen is saying...I don't care what it costs...get this baby off the ground!

But really? Actions speak louder than words. Words we mostly hear from the media...almost every team is going to "Say" they are in win now mode...but even The Blazers ticket sales advertising seems to be embracing and promoting "The Direction" or the Journey more than the destination....

To me? If Paul Allen REALLY was in a Multi-Billionaire "win now" mode....then the questions become Win What? and Win When?  Win a trip to the second round?..nice but ultimately underwhelming...Win continued playoff contention but first round longer acceptable as a yard stick of success...Win we are NOT rebuilding and NOT in the lottery?...nice but semi-succesful mediocrity can be damaging and difficult to build out of...

So what does Paul Allen want to win? Are we talking a championship? Because if so? Then we need bigger realities to match his dreams. Purchased late 1st round picks...or generous resigning of assets already in place are not going to result in this team winning a championship.

Win Now? To me is like Boston a few years ago, going all in, with Allen, Garnett and Pierce....Win Miami getting Bosh and LeBron...Win Now is even NY with Carmelo and Stoudemire...

Additions like Wallace...Matthews...are great. Allows this team to suffer setbacks like the situation surrounding Brandon Roy and Oden and still remain a viable playoff contender...but are those moves that really put us in Win Now mode?

I'm afraid if Paul Allen is being told we CAN win now..with what we have now...he's being mislead.  It would take the amazing emergence of Greg Oden...before this team could even possibly begin to dream about looking at a championship.  And I'm hearing a next year return for Greg Oden at best...and that's divorcing his situation from all the questions about what his status and contract with The Blazers might be....

We all want to win now....but I guess what I'm thinking about are the rumors. Rumors that Cho wanted to slowly start to rebuild. Was Cho right? You can want to win now..but if you haven't got the aren't going to win the race...

  The Blazers are IMO a good team. At times? A very good team. But with teams like Miami, NYC, and OKC emerging or having emerged...there seems to me to be a very hard ceiling as to what the most this team in it's current incarnation could achieve.

   Is Allen banking on keeping Oden and further banking on his development and health? Is he expecting Brandon Roy to return to All-Star status? Or does he believe a Batum, Matthews, Wallace, Aldridge...core is enough to win, whatever it is he wants to win now? Because as much as I do like The Blazers..I simply could not look Paul Allen in the face and tell him I think that nuculeus is becoming a championship team anytime soon.

Win Now...IMO means we get another All-Star..and that isn't easy. You want to hope that All-Star already exists in either Oden or Brandon or both? Okay...but that's a big gamble.

So what do you do? If it's REALLY win now, we need to hear about talks with Dwight Howard...not how Buchanan is looking for a role player at pick #21.....

Otherwise we aren't in "Win Now" mode, IMO we are in "Tread Water, stay Marketable" mode..... 

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