Players we should consider DRAFTING

I think we should look at one of these 3 PG's with our pick:
(no particular order) 2011 STATS
1. Iman Shumpert - Georgia Tech
17.3pts, 6.0 reb, 3.5 assists, 40.6FG%, 27.8 3P%    
6'5, 6'10" wingspan, averaging 17.3 PPG and 6.0 RPG in 2011. NBA body has shown promise, athletic. comparisons to Boston Celtic rajon rando.

2.Charles Jenkins - Hofstra
22.6pts, 3.4 reb, 4.8 assists, 51.7FG%, 42 3P%

6'2 Jenkins averaged back-to-back 20 point seasons over the last two years, putting up nearly 23.0 PPG in 2011. He shot 51 percent from the field, 82 percent from the free-throw line and 42 percent from three-point land in 2011. only knock is he played at hofstra.

3. Darius Morris - Michigan
15pts, 4.0 reb,  6.7 assists, 48.9FG%, 25 3P%

6' 5" strong leader, good passer and can score when he needs to. comparisons to our very own Andre Miller. He isn't going to out shoot Ray Allen from downtown but he can get to the hoop and make something happen, as evident by his 15.0 PPG total from 2011.

now if we dont go pg here are some other players I think WE SHOULD TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT:

1. Justin Harper - Richmond
18pts, 6.9 reb, 1.2 blocks, 53.4FG%, 44.8 3P%
the 6'9" power forward shot 44 percent from three-point land and 80 percent from the free throw line, helping him score nearly 18.0 PPG for Richmond.
likely to switch to a small forward role at the NBA level, Harper boosts a 7'0" wingspan, which enables him to match up well against bigger opponents. many say best SHOOTER in the this draft. nothing but upside.

2. JaJuan Johnson - Purdue
20pts, 8.6 reb, 2.3 blocks, 49.4FG%,
Has averaged at least 15.0 PPG and 7.0 RPG over the past two seasons at purdue. 7'2" wingspan, Johnson is an athletic big man, has great leaping ability and can quickly get up and down the court. Has huge potential in my eyes could do big things, was an animal in college.

3 Kenneth Faried - Morehead State
17pts, 14.5 reb, 2.3 blocks, 62FG%
shows a phenomenal effort on the floor and has a good demeanor about him. Faried is the best rebounder college basketball has seen in years. Calling him an aggressive player is a huge understatement. plays with a ton of explosion, he gets off the ground quickly, with good body control, and tremendous strength, rarely does he get his hand on the ball and not control it. He also has good fundamentals and the will that a rebounder needs. Negatives for Faried will be his level of competition and lack of offensive polish.




I wanna know what you think!?


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