2011 Rose City Showcase AAU Tournament: Schedule & Information

The 2011 Rose City Showcase AAU high school tournament kicks off tonight and runs through Sunday at the Beaverton Hoop and at Lewis & Clark College.

Over the last few years this even has expanded to include top-flight teams from across the country. ICP Portland and Seattle Rotary will welcome teams from Indiana, D.C., California, Massachusetts and Virginia to the Northwest. NBA stars like Portland Trail Blazers forward Luke Babbitt and Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard have competed in this tournament in the past. 

Jerry Ulmer of OregonLive.com notes that the tournament will feature players ranked in the top 20 of the Classes of 2012, 2013 and 2014. 

Games start at 5 PM tonight at The HoopHere's a map to the facility.  I'll see you out there.

Click through for full schedule information and a longer list of past participants. 

-- Ben Golliver | benjamin.golliver@gmail.com | Twitter


Friday, June 17th - Tournament Seeding Games

  • GM 1- 5:00pm - # 4 Spiece Indy Heat (IN.) vs. #5 ICP Portland (OR.) @ BHY 
  • GM 2- 6:15pm - # 1 Team Takeover (DC.) vs. #8 Team 94 (CA.) @ BHY 
  • GM 3- 7:30pm - # 3 Cal Supreme (CA.) vs. #6 New England Playaz (MA.) @ BHY 
  • GM 4- 8:45pm - # 2 Boo Williams (VA.) vs. # 7 Seattle Rotary Select (WA.) @ BHY

Saturday, June 18th - Tournament Games

  • 3:15pm - Loser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 2 @ Lewis & Clark College 
  • 4:30pm - Loser of Game 3 vs. Loser of Game 4 @ Lewis & Clark College 
  • 5:45pm - Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2 @ Lewis & Clark College 
  • 7:00pm - Winner of Game 3 vs. Winner of Game 4 @ Lewis & Clark College

Sunday, June 19th - Suck It Up, Consolation, 3rd Place and Championship Games

  • 3:15pm -Rose City Showcase "Suck It Up" Game @ Lewis & Clark College
  • 4:30pm -Rose City Showcase "Consolation" Game @ Lewis & Clark College
  • 5:45pm -Rose City Showcase "3rd Place" Game @ BHY
  • 7:00pm -2011 Rose City Showcase by NIKE "Championship" Game @ BHY    

Previous participants: 

Previous participants in the Rose City Showcase have included the likes of current NBAplayers Dwight Howard (Magic), Josh Smith (Hawks), Marvin Williams (Hawks), Martell Webster (T-Wolves), Randolph Morris (Knicks), Michael Beasley (Minnesota T-Wolves), Spencer Hawes (76ers), Rodney Stuckey (Pistons), Tyreke Evans (S Kings) Jrue Holiday (76ers), Brandon Jennings (Bucks), Terrence Williams (Rockets),Brandon Rush (Pacers), Austin Daye (Pistons), Gerald Henderson (Bobcats), Wayne Ellington (T-Wolves), OJ Mayo (Grizzlies), Bill Walker (Knicks), Luke Babbitt (Blazers), Mario Chalmers (Heat), Derrick Favors (Jazz) and Portland's own Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Ndamukong Suh (Detroit Lions).

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