Blazers Players as Arrested Development Characters

Because I am bored; expect spoilers

George Bluth-Brandon Roy

George was the former leader of the company, but shady business lead to his arrest. Dispite this, he tried to run the company from jail, hiding or house arrest. 

Brandon Roy was the former leader of the team, until injuries forced him to step down. Dispite this, he tried to lead the team while injured.

Michael Bluth-LaMarcus Aldridge

Michael stepped in when his father was arrested and did an admirable job righting the ship and getting the company back on track.

LA took the reigns of the team when Roy got hurt and was awesome at it.

Lucile Bluth-Andre Miller

We find out later in the show that Lucile was the real mastermind behind the company, working behind the scenes, also tends to rub people the wrong way.

Andre does a lot more for the team than people realize, and rubs some reporters the wrong way.

Buster-Nicolas Batum

Buster has all kinds of advanced degrees, but has no social skills and no function in the real world.

Nic has all kinds of talent, but struggles in the playoffs.

Barry Zuckerkorn-Rich Cho


Barry, the company lawyer, got canned.

Cho, the GM, got canned. He is also very good.

George Michael Bluth-Armon Johnson

Both are very young and optimistic.

Ann-Luke Babbitt

Nobody likes Ann except George Michael.

Nobody likes Luke except Armon.

Lindsay Funke-Greg Oden

We find out that Lindsay is older than she says.

Oden looks older than he says.

Rich Uncle Jack-Paul Allen

Rich Uncle Jack has lots of money and bails out the company.

Paul Allen has lots of money and bails our the Blazers from moving.

Michael's dead wife-PGOTF

We never see Michael's former wife, but the talk about her, you know she was special.

We have yet to see our PGOTF, but we know he is going to be awesome.

G.O.B.-Rudy Fernandez

G.O.B. is a magician who performs illusions, not tricks.

Rudy is very flashy, and it seems his first year was an illusion.

Annyong Bluth-Patty Mills

Annyong is a small foreigner.

Patty Mills is a small foreigner.

Tobias Funke-John Canzano

They are both bald and say things that make others scratch their heads.

The Narrator-Blazersedge

Without it, we would have no idea what was going on.

Wayne Jarvis-Kenneth Faried

Everybody wanted Jarvis to become the lawyer.

Everyone wants the Blazers to draft Faried.

(note: Andre Miller is also a good comparison here, as both are "professional")

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