Utah Mega Trade

Long time reader, first time writer here.   I became a life long Blazer fan on June 5th, 1977 as I hid in my grandparents bathroom unable to watch the tension of those last desperation Philly shots.  (Thank you Mr. McGinnis!) And later enjoying the celebration from the McDonald's parking lot across from the Valley Theater in Beaverton.

Could this deal get us a step closer to reliving that moment?  

Please share thoughts on the following PDX/Utah swap -

Portland sends Batum, Camby, Miller to Utah for Harris, Millsap and the #12 pick

Utah gets SFOTF in Batum, Camby to mentor Favors for one season and Miller as cap relief or to mentor #3 pick (Walker or Knight) for one season.

We get younger at PG (it has been argued to death over whether or not we get better),  the man that we wanted in the past - Millsap -  becomes a super sub behind Aldridge/Oden.    If Oden continues to work on his upper body strength for the next year, the move of Aldridge to center makes sense with a banger like Millsap at the 4.     (On a side note - I understand LMA's nervous reaction to being considered a Blazer center based on past injury history, but wouldn't he appreciate being known as the hands down best center in the Western Conference.    He would be a lock for years to come in the All Star voting - dodging the upcoming decade of the Durant/Griffin lockdown at forward.)   LMA might be a bit of a "finesse" center, but will that matter if he has Millsap/Wallace/Oden/Faried(?) knocking heads alongside of him. 

We could use the #12 pick on the best available player and bolster the hole left in our bench by the absence of Batum.    We all love Nic, but is there really room for him to get his minutes if Roy is even getting 20-24 minutes a night? I believe that Wallace/Matthews/1/2Roy with the occasional appearance by EWill/Babbit/or Rudy (if he is not traded prior to or on draft night) is more than enough wing firepower for the next few seasons.    I personally wouldn't mind seeing us take Fredette as a back up to Harris, giving us the consistent shooter we still desperately need off the bench.

On a side note for those who are ready to "amnesty" Roy.     Remember that part of the joy of watching a team win is routing for the guys in those uniforms - especially when they are tried by the fire of difficult circumstances.

May God bless our Blazers!  

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