Trade Ideas: PGOTF

For years we have been looking for the elusive PGOTF. Andre has done a good job, but won't last forever (and we could use some shooting). We may simply look for a backup in free agency, but these are some trade ideas for the potential PGOTF:

Chris Paul: Maybe came close to dealing for him last summer. Hornets may look at trading him this off-season or pre-deadline. Would of course be a longshot, but would be a great fit with the current roster (or what would be left of it post-trade)

Steve Nash: I think the Suns have to explore trading him because they aren't making a Finals run anytime soon. I would not want to give up much for him because of his age

Stephen Curry: One of my favorite players outside of Portland. Could be a good Stockton to Aldridge's Malone for years to come. Warriors may have to make him or Monta Ellis available soon.

Kyrie Irving: Has drawn comparisons to Paul, though is a mystery box since he hasn't played in the NBA. I think a risk you take for a potential all-star point guard. Lottery teams Minnesota, Cleveland, Utah, and especially Washington are fairly to very strong at point guard. May consider trading pick if they are slated to land Irving.

Raymond Felton: Similar to GS, Denver may not have room for two small guards. In that case, Felton would be out. He is a good point guard, receiving all-star consideration last year. Has an improving, but still not great, three-point shot.

Devin Harris: A rebuilding Jazz team may not see Harris as part of their future. Has been discussed in Blazer trades a lot. Not a huge upgrade over Andre, but several years younger. 

Second Tier:

George Hill: Likely going to stay in San Antonio. They have eyes for Batum though. I wouldn't take Hill-Batum straight up, but if they added some it may happen. Solid shooter and defender. Between him and Oden though, we'd have to take a lot of care when viewing the internet...

Eric Maynor: Maynor has shown he has a lot of talent. Enough to where I don't think he'll be content long-term as Russel Westbrook's backup. Thunder may have to look at dealing him.

Jeff Teague: Teague has played well in Kirk Hinrich's absence. Before that though, he wasn't playing much behind both Hinrich and Jamal Crawford. May trade him for a bigger need if they don't expect to give him big minutes next year.

Johnny Flynn: I could see a Flynn-Rudy swap. He showed a lot of potential out of college but has disappointed so far. The "Wolves already have Luke Ridnour and if they really expect Rubio to come over, they will have no need for Flynn. I could see an interest in Rudy from them to pair with Rubio (who is probably a beter armada-member than Sergio).

Ramon Sessions: Cleveland has Baron Davis on a big deal and may draft Irving if they don't trade the pick. Also, Daniel Gibson is a combo guard. In other words, point guard is one of two positions where the Cavs have some depth. They may look at trading for a wing-player.


What do you guys think? Should we go for someone like Paul? Go for a younger point? Does Andre have a few more good years, or is Patty or Armon our guy?  Who do you guys think is attainable and a good fit?

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