Competent Moves ignoring over-valueing players

The 2 aspects of the trailblazers that need to be addressed this offseason are


Dynamic Playmaking in the backcourt


Protecting the rim


The assets we have to acquire pieces are:

Expendable players with value: Rudy Fernandez, Nicolas Batum

21st and 51st picks in the draft

Mid-Level exception (Roughly 6 million)


The Wolves at this moment are attempting to woo  Ricky Rubio into coming over for the upcoming season and with that said i believe in the best interest of  the Blazers, Rudy, and the Wolves that we trade Rudy and our 2nd round pick for Anthony Randolph who at 6' 10" with a 7' plus wingspan and his athletic ability can get his own shot off of mismatches at the 4 spot can get us put backs, boards, blocks, steals, etc on defense as well as be a prime candidate next to LA for our renown lob passes and continue our attack on the offensive glass that was quite strong during the season. Portland attempted to get the services off the foreward during the trade deadline but it didnt come to pass.  But the fact that Ricky has chemistry with Rudy and would fit in the triangle scheme of the Wolves should be enough to barter


Now for the shocker that will alarm many Blazer fans , we should trade Nicolas Batum. He shows glimpses of greatness on defense and offense at times but he is highly inconsistent and continually disappears from game to game. I think we should trade him to Cleveland for their 4th and 32nd picks in the draft. Include a future 2nd round or conditional 1st round pick.  With the 4th pick we should select Kemba Walker. He immediately gives us dynamic playmaking in the backcourt and has the foot speed and lateral movement to guard premier points guards. Is he gonna shut them down no but he will be able to stay with them and keep them in front of him at a decent to above average rate. At the same time he himself will force opposing defenses to shift to him and scheme to stop him which will open up shots for LA and cutters like Wes and Crash, as well as our shooters. He has shown that he works hard to improve his game he has leadership at the point., he led a team of freshman to a national title and besides himself and Jeremy Lamb were the only highly rated prospects worth mentioning(Shabazz Napier is underrated). Kemba is as quick as Ty Lawson and he has excelled in the nba. Kemba has a wide array of offensive moves, a reliable step back jumper,  a tight creative handle, i personally have never seen anyone snatch his cookies, he steps ups as the pressure mounts and isnt afraid to take make plays for himself or others depending on what the game situation and defense dictates. He is an adept scorer and fills a need and immediately is a vast upgrade over Patty Mills who is Kemba without the clutch factor, play making and utilization of the change of pace dribble arsenal. Kemba has worked on his catch and shoot mechanics, increased his reliability from deep, and his ability to work off the ball to score.  He can play with any line-up we put on the floor without taking away from what plays can be called because offensively he doesnt lack unless you want him to work on his post work.


With our 21st pick choose either  Jordan Williams or Lucas Noigueira  . Jordan Williams is a solid center who can develop into a Kendrick Perkins type player with a better mid range pick and pop game at 6'10 260 and  Lucas is more of a prospect but is a verry athletic center prospect who runs the floor very well and will live off of dunks, put backs, tip-ins, and blocked shots. He is a very good shot blocker but has been flagged for immaturity issues but i believe with veterans such as Camby and even LA now that he would heed their advice and wisdom and act accordingly.  Regardless of which one we pick their purpose is to relieve LA and Camby get boards and protect the rim which i believe each is capable of doing.


With  Clevelands 32nd pick choose Jimmy Butler or  Travis Leslie

Jimmy Butler is cut from the same cloth as Wes Mathews as well as alumni of the same school he take the same blue collar approach Wesley does he defends, cuts, scores in non ball dominant way, athletic and he fits the mold of the players that Nate would love to coach and that would flourish in his system at 6'7 220-225 he can guard both 2's and 3's , and hes a decent rebounded.  Travis Leslie is bar none the greatest athlete in this draft he can develop into a Tony Allen type player at the least and we saw how effective Tony Allen was defensively he literally shut down Ginoblie and Durant the sky is the limit if he puts in the work, he is the definition of drafting on potential and he has a ton of it. He can guard 1's 2's and some 3's he plays much bigger than his size at 6'4 205 lbs. Could be a russell westbrook type player given the proper coaching.


Sign either Deandre Jordan or Nene but to do so will probably have to not pick up Andre Miller's option


Ideally this would be next yrs lineup

Kemba Walker/Armon Johnson

Brandon Roy/Wesley Matthews/Elliot Williams

Gerald Wallace/Jimmy Butler

LA/Anthony Randolph

Marcus Camby/Jordan Williams/ Chris Johnson/ NeNe


I feel this addresses the key concerns and needs for the Blazers and are well within the realm of plausible any suggestions or tweeks or recommendations in regard to how to better use our assets please leave comments

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