Rivals, Hate and the $#%&@ Thunder

I hate the Oklahoma City Thunder. There, I said it.

Hate is an ugly thing, and writing your hate down and sharing it usually makes the author look petty and the reader uncomfortable. If you've ever been to the comments section of just about any online forum, the anonymous hatred will make you think that the rapture is upon us (errr....)

Point is, I know I shouldn't write this, especially on BlazersEdge, but I have to get it out.

Oklahoma City is the new anti-Blazer, through no fault of that city, or it's fans, but for the following reasons.

1. They are the best team in our division.

2. They drafted second in '07, and hit big with Durant, while we are left at best playing catch up with Greg Oden's career starting late, and at worst watching him forsake our city and continue somewhere else.

3. They are the unholy resurrection of the Seattle Supersonics.

4. I have seen, in print, their fans characterized as the "loudest in the NBA".

5. They are now what we all saw the Blazers becoming, back in 2007/2008.

Face it. Our brief history with this team is spattered with one embarrassment after another. Building a winner has come as quick and easy to them as it has been elusive to us.

I am not one of the vocal majority that always pulls for the team that we lose to in the playoffs to go all the way to the Finals. In fact, I think that we have established that I am fairly petty when it comes to my sports teams, and I usually want to see any victor over the Blazers vanquished as soon as possible.  That has not been the case this year. Watching the Lakers be swept by the Mavs was pure joy for me, and I was hoping that they'd do the same to OKC.

More interestingly, perhaps, is that I realized today, that if LA had advanced to play OKC, I think I would rather have seen the Lakers go to the Finals (notice I did NOT say I would have pulled for LA). I guess I just figure I would rather see the dynasty that was slide one more ring on their greasy little fingers than see the birth of a new one that will mock me more deeply for years to come. If that seems blasphemous now, give it a few years and see how you feel if OKC has 2-3 championships.

I don't even have a bright side to bring this hateful post around, other than the obvious virtues of Portland and Oregon vs. the dust bowl Mid West. Our team has a ton of question marks, and OKC has two All Stars, effective role players and a very bright future.

The worst thing about it, is that I suspect that if there were no Oden/Durant thing, and if Seattle wasn't my second favorite city, I would be pulling for the Thunder.

Anyway.. The problem is me, not them, and I know it. Sorry to hate here. Here's a poll.

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