What if the Blazers were Lord of the Rings Characters?

The other day I had a random thought: what if the Blazers were LOTR characters? Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and the Blazers are two of my favorite things, so that helps to explain my nerddom.

Without further ado....

Nate McMillan-Gandalf: The true leader of the team. Stern on the outside but really cares about his guys. Often helps lead the team to unexpectedly good results.

LaMarcus Aldridge-Aragorn: It took both of them a while to find the confidence and strength to go down that path, but they are the king/best player on the team. The hopes of the Blazers and Middle-Earth largely rest on them..

Brandon Roy-Bilbo Baggins: The much-beloved main character of the last adventure. Has a hard time giving up the one ring of being the star on the team but inspiring nonetheless.

Wesley Matthews-Legolas: Often seems like the best player on the team like when making six threes in a half or shooting two Uruk-Hai with one arrow. Sometimes doesn't do much for a long time.

Gerald Wallace-Gimli: Underrated but one of the most valuable members. Is full of heart. Often does things you'd expect a bigger person to do, like grab rebounds or take on a myriad of orcs.

Andre Miller-Sam Gamgee: Not going to wow you with his natural abilities but is faithful and consistent. Comes up big when it matters, like when Frodo is locked in a tower or the team is in the Playoffs.

Rudy Fernandez-Gollum: Once a good hobbit/three-point shooter who has gone south. Sometimes wants to be the star but doesn't really have the ability. Has part to play in the tale, whether for good or for ill we know not. "Pity we didn't trade him when we had the chance!" "Many don't deserve to be traded are, and many who should be traded are not. Who are we to make that judgment?"

Marcus Camby-King Theoden: Once a great warrior, has aged a lot under the influence of Wormtongue/knee injury. Here's hoping that grasping his sword once again will give him enough of his old strength for one more glorious ride.

Greg Oden-Treebeard: These mostly inactive giants could turn the tide of the war if they actually make the battle. That is easier said than done though. Also have some similarities in face and voice...

Nicolas Batum-Faramir: Shows flashes of greatness and has a lot of potential. Too often allows himself to be pushed around by his father/opponent and disappears sometimes. Needs to be more aggressive and less deferential.

Patty Mills/Armon Johnson-Pippin and Merry: Are young and small and make plenty of mistakes. Very entertaining and encourage their teammates. Lovable but sometimes make you cringe and cause Nate/Gandalf a lot of stress.

Chris Johnson/The Eagles: Swift and flies high. Both make a short appearance towards the end of the story. We'll see if CJ can become a more prominent character.

Luke Babbit-Eowyn: Does a great job of leading the civilians/playing in the D-League but just wants to fight with the men/play in the NBA. Let's hope that Luke can slay the Witch-King. (I am in no way implying that Luke has a thing for LaMarcus ;-))

Earl Barron-Hama: A good soldier but doesn't stay around long. Both are only known by the most dedicated fans.

Elliot Williams-Mystery Character: Can Elliot step in to a big role, or is he just another bit part? Could he even be the Frodo Baggins? Will he just be another in a long-line of roke-playing soldiers? Only time will tell.

PGOTF-Frodo Baggins: Often hopes for the future are pinned on him. The wisdom of pinning those hopes on the smallest guy in the room or someone who is not even on your team yet is questionable.

Rich Cho-Elrond: Doesn't get a whole lot of attention but plays a big part, with the help of Gandalf/Nate, in putting together and guiding the team/fellowship.


What do you think? Any other character comparisons that come to mind (Blazers or the rest of the NBA)?

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