Portland could learn from Memphis

Everyone pointed to the Blazers as being a bad shooting team outside the perimeter, blaming the losses that the Blazers have because of it.

In reality the Blazers could easily win games with the same play book as Memphis. Memphis, one of the worst 3 point shooting teams, still finds a way to win consistently against the top teams in the west by attacking the basket relentlessly and forcing turnovers.

Memphis just clinched the series only making one three pointer, but out scoring the spurs 62-38 in the paint and getting rebounds (42-32)

Memphis throughout this series took it to the spurs by attacking the basket relentlessly and capitalizing on the mistakes the spurs made.

Memphis is also smart enough to realize when they are shooting well enough outside to just attack the basket. Memphis only took 9 three pointers in the last game because they knew they were not shooting it well, while the Blazers will still bomb away the three pointers even if they clearly are not doing well that night making them.


Now the questions can be asked, why didn't the Blazers do this? Frankly fans are still trying to figure that out. Andre Miller could have easily posted up the guards more down low. Wesley Matthews is much stronger than anyone Dallas had on him, and Gerald Wallace didn't figure out how to do it until game 6, and Aldridge still settles for too many jump shots (one reason his free throw numbers are lower than Dirk's)

Another note is Memphis defense, even though Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are not known as elite defensive players, Memphis wins the defensive battle with communication. Rarely do Memphis guards get caught in picks because they are able to anticipate it because of communication and knowing their opponents play book.

The Memphis players also praised their coach for lighting a fire under them in half-time of game four. O.J. Mayo himself saying that Hollins got the players energized and wanting to go out and play (Memphis went on to rout the Spurs). While in no way i'm i saying Nate is a terrible coach, he could show more emotion, rarely do you see him trying to get the team fired up, and it almost seems as he gives up when the Blazers lose a lead as well.

In no way am I a Memphis fan, however they have played to their strengths effectively. Something the Blazers could not figure out how to do during the playoffs.

In conclusion

      If the Blazers are a poor outside shooting team, then don't shoot so many threes - score inside.

      Nate McMillan needs to get fired up

      Blazers need more depth (Memphis has a legitimate 9 man rotation, 10 if you were to count a healthy Rudy Gay)

While Memphis does have legitimately better post players down low. Blazers have better slashers who can attack the dribble down the lane, yet we rarely saw that happen on a consistent basis.

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