Its Just My Opinion

Right now our wounds are still wide open and the last thing we need is salt poured into them.

Im just as bummed as anyone. I really, REALLY wanted to beat the Mavs, especially just to see Mark "spitwad" Cubans disappointment. But Alas, it wasnt meant to be. Alot of folks on here have talked about why we lost, that we didnt have enough desire, or that we were simply inferior. Heck, even I said we didnt seem to have that "fire in our eyes" look that we needed to overcome. But, in the end, I feel that it was multi issues that sunk our ship, not  just 1 thing. We win as a team and lose as a disconnected group.

For me the salt in the wounds is when I see that Memphis just knocked off San Antonio.

WOW! The 8th seed just beat the 1 seed! I just dont get it. That should be us. Alot of folks keep saying how we beat all these great teams during the regular season(LAL, SA, OKC, DAL) why couldnt we do it now? Well, The playoffs are where teams prove themselve and the regular season is like one long practice. Great teams become better in the playoffs and cruise through the regular season.  Heart has alot to do with it for sure, but the fact is, you have to make plays on both ends of the floor and we just didnt get it done. Heart alone isnt enough, and Memphis proves that. In no way are they BETTER than SA. But they just knocked them off, they made the plays when they needed to and took out the #1 team. Is Dallas better than us? I dont think so. The 3 players Dallas has that beats the 3 players on our team at the same position are Dirk, JT and Chandler. Other than that, I feel we had them beat at every other position. The difference is that they made the plays they need to make in order to beat us, on both ends of the floor. They gave us every chance to take back game 6 and we couldnt score. Then, when we let them come right down the court and hit wide open shots, we lacked defense. I give our guys a ton of credit, they did fight back, even getting it to a 1 point game. But then we flailed again and Dallas responded.

Again, alot of folks on here talk about experience being a huge factor in our loss. Again I disagree. Weve been to the playoffs 3 years in a row, thats way more exp than all of the ballers in Memphis and yet they just beat SA! SA has arguably the most playoff exp of any team except maybe LAL. Certainly way more exp that MEM. So exp is just 1 factor, not the overall deciding factor. Another complaint ive heard is its our coach. Sure, even I said in another post, if I had to or could only blame 1 person it would be Nate, but thats simply because the coach always takes the blame for his teams woes, not necessarily cuz its his fault. Nate wasnt suited up, playing on the floor. It wasnt Nates lack of shooting or Nates swiss cheese defense that was to blame. Nate is a great coach and got way more out of this depleted injury riddled squad than most coaches probably could of. So is Lionel Hollins a better coach than POP? NO WAY! I take POP every time, hands down. Again, no 1 person, no 1 player, no 1 coach, no 1 fan can go out and be perfect 100% of the time. THAT IS A FACT!

Now im sure there is alot of my opinion on here that some of you can take issue with or might disagree with. But, for me, every player, coach and member of the Blazers is EQUALLY responsible for our series loss to Dallas.

Now, for as much as im bummed, Im also excited. The guy that built the winning team over in OKC, is now here to build us a winning team. His name is Rich Cho and hes a damn good GM. We have alot to look forward to. Although im getting tired of looking forward, while everyone else is winning NOW, patience is the key here. So as true fans, lets join together, with positivity and hope that we will be back next season in the playoffs. That all the teams like DAL, SA, LAL and BOS will be OLDER instead of better, and that WE will be stronger and better instead of older or injured. And goddamn it, we will make the WCF if not compete for the championship. That as fans is our responsibility, to BELIEVE in our squad. And so as I posted before our game 6 loss, DEAR BLAZERS I STILL BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank You For Reading My Post.


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