Greatest Playoff Moments in Blazer History

I recently made a post comparing Roy's awesomeness with other Roy awesomeness. It turned out his recent awesomeness outweighed all his previous awesomeness combined. The comment section brought an interesting and better topic on where it ranks among all time Blazer playoff performances. So here it is. Note that I did not include the 1977 season because then this wouldn't be fair. So this really is the greatest Blazer playoff games not counting 1977.

Lets get started (note: all of these are off the top of my head, I was also born in 1991 so I don't have much from the 1980s)

1990 Western Conference Semifinals; Game 7

Final Score: Blazers 108, Spurs 105

This back and forth thriller is remembered mostly for Kevin Duckworth inspirational return and Rod Strickland's bonehead pass.


1990 NBA Finals; Game 2

Final Score: Blazers 106, Pistons 105

The Blazers were coming off a disappointing season, acquired Buck Williams in the offseason and it paid dividends. They advances to their first NBA Finals since 1977 only to run into the defending champion Detroit Pistons.

Their fourth quarter lead was gone after Bill Laimbeer went off and scored 19 points in the final 17 minutes of the game. The Blazers eventually won in OT to steal home court advantage.



1992 Western Conference Semifinals; game 4

Final Score: Blazers 153, Suns 151

box score

box score notes: Suns reached 151 points despite only shooting 46% from the field and only hitting three threes. The teams combined for 103 free throw attempts 

The final score was 153-151; 'nuff said


1992 Western Conference Finals; Game 1

Final Score: Blazers 113, Jazz 88

box score

box score notes: if you add in game 2, Terry Porter shot a remarkable 20 of 26 from the field, 10 of 13 from deep for 67 points

The Blazers really put the hurt on the Jazz in this game. Late in the first half, they were shooting 80(!)%. If you have time, and especially if you hate the Jazz, just watch that entire first half.


1992 NBA Finals; Game 2

Final Score: Blazers 115, Bulls 104

box score

Coming off a blowout loss in game 1, Portland rallied around each other and held the lead for much of game 2. However, the Bulls took the lead late and apperad to hold serve when Clyde fouled out with 4 and a half remining and a 10 point lead. The Blazers, led by Danny Ainge and Terry Porter roared back to force OT and pulled away in the extra session.

1992 NBA Finals; game 4

Final Score: Blazers 93, Bulls 88


box score

box score notes: Blazers and Bulls both shot sub 70% from the foul line.



Trailing 2-1, the Blazers faced an early 10-0 hole. Both teams traded blows for the rest of the game until a flagurant foul on Jerome Kersey in addition to a personal foul on Uncle Cliffy midway through the 4h. The call fired up the Blazers and they allowed just 8 points the rest of the way and the Blazers evened up the series.


The iconic play of this game, with the Bulls lead down to 1, Jordan posted up Drexler who stripped it, which led to a 3 on 2 break and the go a head basket.

1999 Western Conference Semifinals; game 6

Final Score: Blazers 92, Jazz 80

box score

While game 6 wasn't in itself special, it was the culmination of the series. A series that saw the Blazers defeat the two time Western Conference champion Utah Jazz but more importantly, the series that saw Brian Grant not back down to Karl Malone's elbows.

2000 Western Conference Finals; game 2

Final Score: Blazers 106, lakers 77

box score

box score notes: Kobe went 2 of 9 and Shaq went 5 of 17 from the foul line--ouch.

Following a frustrating loss to the favored lakers in game 1, the Blazers put the clamps down on the lakers in the third quarter and outscored them 28-8 in that frame. This would be the first time the lakers would lose at home in the playoffs. 

2000 Western Conference Finals; game 5

Final Score: Blazers 96, lakers 88

box score

box score notes: lakers went 6 of 27 from deep--yikes.

After stealing home court in convincing fasion in game 2, the lakers took it back and then some. The Blazers were swept in the Rose Garden and headed to the Staples Center on the brink of elimination.

Scottie Pippin had other ideas.

Playing with dislocated fingers, he put the team on his back, finishing with a final line of 22 points, 8 of 12 shooting, 6 boards, 3 assists, 6 steals and 4 blocks.

2003 Western Conference Quarterfinals; game 6

Final Score: Blazers 125, Mavericks 103

box score

box score observation: Dirk had 4 points off 2 of 9 shooting. Do that in game 5 please

You know the story; the Blazers were down 3-0, then fought back to force a seventh game. Here is the comeback's culmination. 

2010 Western Conference Quarterfinals; game 4

Final Score: Blazers 96, Suns 87

box score


The return of Roy

2011 Western Conference Quarterfinals

Final Score: Blazers 84, Mavericks 82


box score

box score note: Rudy went 0 of 5 with just 1 rebound and 1 assist, yet had a positive plus minus.



You saw what happened.


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