Thoughts after Game 3

- Brandon Roy dug deep and it was impressive considering his mojo appeared shot after Game 2. He played confident and inspired ball, and did look like his old se'f, and it was fun to watch.

I really don't get why he, as a subject, has to be so polarizing. It seems that he either has to be some golden boy savior demigod, that people feel compelled to defend to the death, and write 10,000 word letters and essays to/about, or some demon who has stolen the soul of our team, and did so on purpose. Either way, it puts a strain on our conversations as fans, and puts a lot of undue pressure on him. He's just a guy who struggles sometimes and excels sometimes, like the rest of us.

- I believe it was Nate McMillan who called Chris Johnson's number in the 3rd, and also coach Nate who put GW on Kidd. Those clamoring for some brilliant coaching moves can give it up for him...... NOW!

- I am tired of hearing about how Gerald Wallace is having a sub-par series. He's not lighting up the stat columns, but the eye test tells me he is leaping over much taller guys to secure defensive rebounds that would otherwise be second chance opportunities for the Mavs. Any points we get from him are icing on the cake, as far as I am concerned. He is ALWAYS the hardest working guy on the floor, and it's not close.

- I did not miss Patty Mills last night. Love him, but didn't miss him.

- Chris Johnson completely changed the game flow with his two blocks (right after we had the lead snatched from us by the second look at LMA's shat after the shot clock buzzer). Doesn't mean he'll do it again, but we should be thankful he was ready to go.

- LMA is still not on the same level as Dirk, though similar in playing style. This summer, he should make his 3-ball a viable weapon (not become a bomber, or outside player, but to put in the arsenal), and work on making sure he gets to the line if the shot in the lane doesn't fall. Dirk's flailing is ridiculous, but it puts points on the board. Get your lane flail on, LMA.

- We won't lose this series if Matthews plays like that every game.

- Did Rudy go back to Spain or something?

- I hate that tomorrows game is at 2pm. Seems like a rhythm killer. I also have hated three goggles, but the fact that Kevin McHale also hates them makes me like them a little more. 

- Go Blazers!!

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