Can I Feel Sorry For Myself?

Ughh...Down 2-0 to Dallas. Brandon Roy bomb shelling the media with exclamations of being disappointed and uncomfortable with his role.  Well can I feel sorry for myself? 

   Why is being a Blazer fan so difficult? Every franchise faces challenges and cycles of success and failure and rebuilding and growth and retraction. Franchises from time to time become embroiled in high drama or a peripheral media drama.

  But The Blazers? Why does it seem The Blazers always become team dysfunction? Other teams draft #1 picks and they go on to varying degrees of success or failure....but The Blazers? We get Oden and a warped mirror evil fun house of twisted limbs and contract questions.

  Other teams have All-Stars, and players that become injured or deteriate and it's never a good story, but it doesn't become a playoff run derailment, or a  State Wide debate over his role or lack of role, or capabilities or lack of capabilities

Even the replacement of our GM became a summer long mysterious drama culminating in an odd highly public Draft Day firing.

  Just once could something for this team unfold "normal"?

The past decade...Jail Blazers...Paul Allen Selling The Team...Not Selling Team...The Rise and Fall of KP...Honk Once, Honk Twice, Cry forever....and now Brandon Roy....and the enigma of his physical and mental state...

I love this team, I want to support this team BUT...I'm really beginning to believe this team is cursed in a way that is rare. We are a never ending soap opera...always spinning away from the game into public drama's of individuals and team psyche...

And yes, I know this happens to everyone, but not to this extent. 

How much today, would I rather just have to worry about what THE TEAM has to do to get back into a playoff series instead of being presented with the enigmatic riddle of the angst of Brandon Roy...which will lead inevitably to a whole off-season of debate and commentary?

I'd like it to be a "Great Day to be a Blazer" but instead, I just feel like feeling sorry for myself...It's becoming hard to be supportive of a franchise that seems so routinely cursed by dysfunction. 

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